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    WTB 2micron timing belt protector

    I talked to Whitbred a few weeks ago when I ordered my cp3 kit about this. He said he just got a cjaa to disassemble and measure to start making these. Said he hoped to have some on his website by Christmas and to keep checking there. Great guy to deal with!
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    FYI: Rawtek spring sale

    Hey, thanks! I found it in my junk mail.
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    FYI: Rawtek spring sale

    I'm waiting till Friday to place a order but haven't heard anything about any sale yet. Fingers crossed.
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    WTB 2micron timing belt protector

    Next in line if you find any extra. I need 2.
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    Wanted, CR HP EGR Race Pipe

    I bought one of these years ago and installed in on our '13 Beetle and now am looking for one for our '12 Golf. AARodriguez doesn't offer them any more and I'm hoping someone may have one laying around. Pics are here...
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    Cold Weather Starting Issue

    You guys need to quit messing around and delete the egr before you end up bending a rod some time. That is where the condensation is coming from.
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    OEM CR140 FS 60k

    Where are you located?
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    Swirl flap delete opinions.

    I didn't do it on my beetle and really didn't know it was a thing back then. Malone now offers in on there website which they didn't back then. Maybe I need to e-mail Malone and see if they have time to offer a educated opinion.
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    Swirl flap delete opinions.

    I have recently picked up a '12 Golf and will be deleting and tuning it just like my '13 Beetle I have. What is the consensus on deleting the swirl flaps while I am at it? Experiences.
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    Baumeisters' Black '15 Beetle Convertible TDI

    Welcome. It will be nice to see a little more travel in here.
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    FS: 12 Golf TDI 2DR, manual, tech package

    Still interested....
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    FS: 12 Golf TDI 2DR, manual, tech package

    Can you call me when you get a chance? 405-203-8524 thanks.
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    FS: 12 Golf TDI 2DR, manual, tech package

    My wife has been mentioning your car off and on for two weeks now. She really wants it but it is a long way off. I keep telling her is no problem but she keeps trying for find reasons to not buy it. She has some inner demons.
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    Brake upgrade.

    In case anyone was wondering, I picked up a set of front brakes off of a '13 turbo R line (312mm) and the rears on this beam rear suspension is already 272mm so I will be leaving is alone except for installing drilled and slotted rotors.