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    02 Vw jetta tdi GLS- $1200 obo

    still sale ?
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    TDI fest 2019-2020

    I guess there isn't going to be anymore TDIFests anytime soon:(
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    Buying a TDI in MA and transporting back to PA

    The MA DOT issued the following statement: Massachusetts does not issue temporary registration plates for its own residents but it does recognize temporary registration plates validly registered in other states to non-residents of Massachusetts who are temporarily operating in this state...
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    Flashing brake light on Dash

    When accelerating I get a temporary flashing brake light on the dash and a beeping sound. I checked the car with The VCDS there was no codes. Everything seems to be working OK. Does anyone have an idea what is going on? The car is a 02 Golf manual.
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    FS-The Hamster's '99 Golf - with front damage

    Did you save the Front Grill ?:(
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    Impex TDI Fest (new location): Saturday, May 16th, 2015

    I will be there.Also will need a dent removed.
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    TDI Fest 2015

    Can you say passport? Which is needed now?
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    Mk4 TDI won't accelerate (limp mode)

    [I Parts go bad or brake you need to check them. That is why there is a warranty on them.[/I]
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    Suspected MAF failure please advise on graph

    Have you checked the map sensor on the intercooler pipe?
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    PO106 code

    I PO106 code and no boost It also happen years ago. Did the same thing again( unpluged the MAP sensor and plug back in) It fix the problem. this time it came back a few times in the past few days, which the same thing fixed it. Now I'm stuck with the code and no power. I tried a new sensor I had...
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    1-1-2015 Ho5G GTG

    Hey Peter hope things are well. Tell Ham that my golf is still nicer :D.
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    Oilhammer(and Car-Doc) Rocks!

    Glad to see your still alive and kicking :D