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    Auto to Manual Swap Paid lesson

    Too bad you're not here I'd let you put your manual in my Auto and you could take my auto(sounds kinky)
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    Bosal 2" adapter (Tesla x) 1027582-00A

    I would sell it and Fab an adapter from off the shelf reciever adapters and another swan neck made for your hitch. Either way you're cutting the mount part off of something might as well be something cheaper (the swan neck is cheaper). Micah Thanks for the offer sorry haven't been on since my...
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    TDI down Any help really appreciated!

    TDI down Any help really appreciated! - Solved Thank you On my way home today I turned down my highway 1/4 mile from home. When the car shifted into 3 I noticed a definite loss of power could hardly accelerate, pedal input didn't seem to make much difference. when it shifted into 4rth /5th it...
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    Wanted: Stock speakers or advice on easily replacing mine with aftermarkets

    My driver side tweeter and my passenger side front door speaker are buzzing/old broken etc... I imagine they are not plug and play replacement as I'm guessing they have some sort of cross over. I just want to take off the grill unscrew it and plug something else in. What's the easiest...
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    Possible to prime PD TDI when lift pump fails?

    So my lift pump was failing, it would groan,buzz be louder then usual until it finally just quit. Car was running fine still but had a slight miss at idle. I ordered a replacement. I put said replacement in, car ran way better so I went to fill up and came home. I could smell diesel, opening...
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    Help troubleshooting Idle Quality issues

    EDIT: Was my fuel pump... In tank. Maybe it's nothing but I thought I'd ask the experts here. 2004 Jetta TDI wagon. I noticed in the last couple weeks my car sounds different at idle. It almost sounds like a carburated car that's running rich and has a slight stumble/miss. (anyone here...
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    Glad this didn't happen while driving.

    My cars been doing the wheel bearing hum for a while now so decided to change it today. Everything was going well apart from a stubborn tie rod end. Brought the knuckle to the press the press immediately revealed this stress crack.. So I'm going to buy a new loaded knuckle from either...
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    Not a MKIV issue but posting as some of you may of had this problem

    So my command start (third party) stopped working. The reason: I put an LED tailight bulb in my 2004 Jetta wagon. I'm guessing with it doesn't draw enough current to satisfy the remote start or it causes a transient power leak of some sort that the command start doesn't like. Only my driver...
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    Wanted: MKIV Wagon Towing springs.

    I need the beefiest rear springs they make. Prefer cheap (unwanted) if not I'll go get new ones :) I routinely have a car full of adults and the rear is suffering. I already have some of the stiffest factory springs I'd like to go two steps up this summer as I'm likely going to tow a small...
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    Complains about transmission problems... Abuses car

    Yeah when you burn wood to heat your house in Manitoba and your buddy says he has free wood and your truck is down. The Jetta gets abused... Spruce scented though, worth it.
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    5 Speed swap?

    Anyone in Manitoba willing to convert my 09a to a manual? I think my auto self destructed this morning (slipping 2-3 and 4-5) but could also be my temp sensor which I'm going to change in the parking garage today while at work :) It threw a code as I parked it this morning P1118 Coolant...
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    MKIV speedometer calibration

    I searched and found many posts for later models but is it possible to recalibrate the speedometer in a MKIV Jetta? My speedo and actual speed are way off. If my speedometer shows 118kph I'm actually doing 105 kph or so. It took me a long time to figure out why people kept passing me. I...
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    Wanted: Bosal hitch 2" reciever adapter

    It's a long shot since they only sold it for a couple years and it was rather expensive but I'm looking for Bosal / Etrailers part # BSL043964 Let em know if you have one to get rid of.
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    Site with pictures of Factory rims?

    I saw a super nice Golf Sportwagon TDI (2015 probably didn't get a good look but definitely a newer model) But it had nice rims (guessing 17's) with blacked out spokes except for a very think polished sliver on each spoke . VW center caps. I've been searching all day to find those rims but...
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    2004 Jetta wagon axles

    I have a 2004 BEW / Tiptronic combo in my 04. Can I use axles from other years/tranmissions? Reason is they seem way cheaper to repair then mine. I'm pretty sure I have a bad inner CV joint and the rebuild kit is ~500$(CAD ~(320$ US) Not sure I can get away with just cleaning/greasing since...