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    What’s the best Manual Tranny Fluid?

    Isn't it sealed?
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    MK4 Golf starter has problems in winter. Help?

    My problem is that once the engine turns over and starts it sputters then dies. Well that and the starter 'wheeze' when its < 40.
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    504 507 oil price roll back at Walmart

    But then you have to shop at Walmart.
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    22 MPG??

    My 02 was leaking fuel from the low-pressure return lines. Sure-fire way to lose mpg.
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    Incorrect Battery from Dealership!!?!

    Had a similar problem, had to physically bring the battery in, stare-and-compare. Turns out the "right" battery had the wrong part number label attached!
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    MK4 Golf starter has problems in winter. Help?

    My car has started like crap every winter since 05, I figured it was just the way they run (or dont run).
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    Roadforce Premium

    unknown, whatever Roadforce Premium is.
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    What's the magic behind high MPG with 0.216 injectors?

    I hit 24 psi on my VNT15 all the time, but then again, the actuator rod doesn't move.
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    Alh injector nozzles for vnt 17

    What is "injector haze" ?
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    Roadforce Premium

    It might be placebo, but it seems like the old oil-burner runs better on this stuff. Does anyone know if Roadforce Premium Diesel is actually any better?
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    What did you do to your MKIV today?

    I went through this once and it lasted about a week. Best of luck!
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    No power past 2k, won’t rev past 2k

    I replaced mine a few years ago, so ... 15 years?
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    Inspection due soon....

    Can that warning light be disabled?
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    Finally got my TDI and want to get organized

    Define "improvement" and "tired". My car shifts fine, am I doing something wrong?