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    Appalachian Diesel Works GTG Oct 20 AVL, NC

    10/20 gtg Yeah! Dean & I will be at this GTG, Fun! I'll bring veggie burgers & 'rabbit food'. Thanks! Kristina
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    GTG Winnsboro SC Saturday July 14

    Hi ~ We had a great time yesterday. Thanks to Landon & we-don't-know-your-other's names for helping with the turbo-lag problem. Thanks to Tim for the use of your Pella to change the oil. Kristina survived the night after her fall. The drive home was quieter with the B80 in the tank! Thank...
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    GTG Winnsboro SC Saturday July 14

    Winnsboro, July 14 Whoo-hoo! A TDI GTG! Dean & I plan to be there. Looking forward to it. And we're now officially NC residents :) ! Kristina
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    GTG January 28,2012 Chapin, SC

    Thank you Dan & Debbie for hosting a great TDI getogether. This was Dean & my first GTG at Dan's and we had alot fun. The drive was scenic & easy, the people were generous in their help. My car drove home almost by itself - it ran quieter & smoother too. All the work done on it made a...
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    GTG January 28,2012 Chapin, SC

    Hi Dan - What parts does my car need? I will call Peter at ID Parts to order them. Hopefully he can bring them with him.... My car is an 05 Golf; I'd like to replace the ceramic plugs. Looking forward to seeing everyone! Thanks for hosting! Kristina
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    GTG January 28,2012 Chapin, SC

    Dean & I are signed up on the list. We'll bring some munchies, etc. Can anyone replace glowplugs or the harness? My scangauge is throwing 3 glowplug codes. Don't want to go to a dealer! It's an '05 Golf. Thanks! Kristina
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    Greensboro, NC Flow VW

    Hi! I moved to Steeds (south of Asheboro), NC this month. My car's scangauge is throwing glowplug codes (3plugs). Does anyone have information about Flow VW in Greensboro, NC? (They are closest to where I live.) Are they reliable, etc? Thank you! Kristina
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    Asheville, NC October GTG

    Bummer! Dean & I missed this one - we were in NC 2x in October looking for a property to buy and we found 1 in Seagrove (south of Asheboro)! We close next month & look forward to another Asheville GTG! Kristina
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    Brussels Coming Home

    Yeah, Jack - there are some advantages to growing old...... Kristina See you at Impex>
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    First GTG of 2011 - Ho5G style!

    Thank you Peter & Julie for hosting another TDI family GTG, and on New Years! 'Twas a great way for Dean & me to spend a First!!! We enjoyed seeing everyone again. Thanks for 'putting up' with my vegetarianism! Happy 2011!
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    Official New Years Ho5G food Thread

    Ok if I bring vegetarian & rabbit food? Kristina
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    Lost my Best Friend yesterday........

    Tomo - Congrats! He is one handsome dog! Enjoy :) Someday Dean & I'll get to adopt a dog too.... Can't wait. Kristina
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    Lost my Best Friend yesterday........

    Tomo - Dean & I are so sorry for your losing Stubby ~ I'm in tears ~ we've been through a number of good-byes with our cats. You have our support and empathy; we are glad you posted your loss to the TDI Family. Let us know how you're doing. Kristina
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    June 4th & 5th AVL GTG

    Thank you This is a really late thank you to Landon & Chad for hosting another great TDI getogether. We had fun meeting some new faces, seeing some known faces again too. Stu thanks for bbqing a great veggie burger and hot dogs.... They were delicious! Hope to see you again .... Kristina...
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    June 4th & 5th AVL GTG

    Hi Landon, Mike, Chad! Dean & I will celebrating again my birthday that week, as well as still house-hunting in NC. Wonderful that we can also go to your TDI GTG whilst we're there. Cool! Kristina