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    Eurovan TDI Downpipe $50 obo

    I have recently gotten around to building a nice downpipe for my TDI converted Eurovan so I have no need for this anymore. It's not pretty but it will allow you to bolt up a AHU tdi engine running a VNT15/17 to the factory Eurovan exhaust. $50 plus shipping.
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    EVC downpipes
  3. for sale

    for sale

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    For sale Eurovan manual transmissions

    I have a good used CPW eurovan gas compatible manual transmission for sale. 210K miles on it ready for a new home $600 obo Removed for TDI swap. Shipping not included. Located in Mesa Arizona.
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  7. for sale eurovan transmisssions

    for sale eurovan transmisssions

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    eurovan transmission
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    Dutch Auto Parts, gearbox sets, engines, turbos, injection pumps

    Same problem here, I need transmission and he say's he is working on it but then nothing.
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    How did the spline repair hold up? still working?

    How did the spline repair hold up? still working?
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    No 5th GEAR, Selctor Gear to Shaft Stripped (w Fix)

    EZUT, Any update as to how the repair is holding up? I just spun my 5th as well and its in a eurovan gearbox, and it's cheaper to buy a rebuild from Germany than find a local shop that can source parts. I want to give it a try.
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    wtb .681 gear set for an 02B.

    Anyone out there with a .681 5th gear they don't need anymore? let me know, I just stripped my .700 and figured why not go bigger.
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    Converting a 1z to AFN in a VW T4

    "What cars would I find to have a transverse mounted VNT turbo that l could use?" Any ALH powered Golf or Bora = VNT-15