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    Help with codes thrown

    Hi, I was wondering if anyone could help me narrow down where to look. Got 4 new codes after changing GP harness for a GP failure that always showed up on the same plug. Could it possibly be coming from tying all 4 wires together or did I bump some cabling during the replacement. Cleared...
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    California TDI Owners List

    589. Googo, Reflex Silver 2004 Golf 4dr TDI 5MT, Newbury Park, CA
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    RallyVW Pikes Peak 2007 Raffle New!!!!!!

    some money sent.
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    I thought the als system was just a way to keep the turbo spooled up so when you get back on the pedal, you don't need to wait for the turbo to spool up. Isn't the heat just a side effect because they exhaust some fuel and ignite it to create airflow?
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    KVW bug with the Jetta Wagon

    Wonder if someone can use VDS to get a full dump of the mem first before running the KVW and then redumping and get a memory map comparisson to figure out which values were changed. That or get a dump from another wagon of the same year and flash it into Lito's after he gets a backup to make in...
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    Cheap Euroswitch

    As far as ordering from them, I have ordered some of their other stuff before. There are also people on Fatwallet buying their cheap stuff. But yes, they are based out of China and probably get their switches from the same source as the Ebayers.
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    Cheap Euroswitch

    Just saw this item being up for sale at Fifth Unit. Price: $20.20 shipped Note: This is most probably the cheap version of the EuroSwitch that tends to get stuck in the dash.
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    What do you all think about the new electric car coming out. Looks like an interesting car. Pricey, but has some range.
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    05 TDI Intercooler Fan

    The fan turns because it is inducing a pressure drop across the vanes as the air flows through it. Therefore it is parasitic since there is less of a drop in pressure across the radiator/intercooler meaning less air can flow through. Only thing I can really think is that perhaps there really...
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    Misfueling isn't just limited to the amatuers

    They had an electric motor version? My parents had one (gasser) and it was a manual open rear vent. Simple swivel latch and push out/pull in kind of thing.
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    OEM+ mods

    If you have the MFA Cluster, you can't forget the Navi.
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    Cold start flash= bad mileage???

    does that even work on a PD?
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    Cool Boost Gauge?

    If you are a more DIY person, you can design the circuit yourself also. Parts are cheap, but it does require your time and the circuit won't look as pretty. If you read the notes for the LM3914, it's easy to...
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    The Piezo effect: Can you say 170hp TDI?!

    Piezoelectrics can be used to inject the fuel, but as far as how much pressure it can produce, I am not sure. Example - most inkjet printers today use piezoelectric materials compress and squeeze out a drop of ink. But from reading, the new fuel injectors just change the actuation mechanism...
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    PD engine have a MAP sensor?

    I believe its attached to the top(exit) of the intercooler. Think its also a combined IAT/MAP sensor, or atleast the Bentley makes it seem that way. --> MAP sensor w/ integral IAT sensor.