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    T3 Bi-Xenon bulb replacement

    Video link is fixed.
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    T3 Bi-Xenon bulb replacement

    I had a headlight bulb go out, but I've been slow to do anything about it because I've not been driving during hours of darkness. I finally looked into how to take care of it and the service manual says simply to take out two screws and remove the back. Seems simple enough, but that isn't the...
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    Jetta Sportwagen cuts off intermittently with multiple dash lights

    Is it a loss of power or engine dying/no power? Also, are you driving a manual with the clutch in or a DSG? The initial symptoms you stated IF the engine is shutting off would indicate to me a loose ground, which you said they did find. Any time the battery is disconnected the steering...
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    2010 VW Jetta Sportwagon AC blows warm

    If the pressure is too low the system will not kick on, so when you added refrigerant and got the low side high enough it allowed the system to run and tell the fans to run. Looking for a leak isn't a bad idea. Or you could run it for a while and see if it replicates, then you know there is a...
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    AC using 3mpg!

    Considering you can feel a difference in acceleration on the lower HP cars when A/C is running, those figures of power and MPG difference doesn't seem shocking. It is also hard to pin down exactly how much power is needed at an exact moment in "newer" VWs that don't have a clutch on the A/C...
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    Mk5 reverse lights problem

    I second looking at the wires that go to the trunk lid as the next step. It could be that the vibration of the car could break the connect and you are seeing it work when off because it is making just enough of a connection. Could be the common ground or the power wire for that circuit.
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    Air conditioning problem

    If a 2001 then it is an A4 Jetta, so might have more interest in the other forum. From your description, it is hard to say. You need to look at both the low and high pressure sides with a manifold gauge set. It could be that the system is overcharged and the high pressure is getting too high...
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    Cutting wire to parking lights?

    If I am understanding your setup, then I think your course of action will not help. The turn signal bulb wouldn't have a second line for the parking lights going to it. Instead it uses a single element bulb that the BCM sends a modulated signal to for both functions. If the bulb is needed to...
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    Is that for certain? My experience with almost every VW I've had is the drains leaked, except on models that were new. I will say though my '14 hasn't leaked, yet. As for use, I don't think they are any more likely to leak if you use them or not, you do run the risk of getting more debris in...
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    Ip reseal?

    Yes. I've done two IP reseals, managed to break something in them both times. For me I had to replace the big seal around the head, which is why. If it was just the around the quantity adjuster like in the video it wouldn't have happened. Lots of people have replace the head seal without...
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    Fault: AdBlue

    I meant to get a picture of the loaner, but forgot. Oh well. I got the call this afternoon that my vehicle was ready, so away I went. They had to replace both NoX sensors (there are only two, right?) and it says they drained and refilled the AdBlue. I'm glad to have it back too, it doesn't...
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    Blower Motor

    Agreed it is probably the brushes. When I was living in England I had an issue like this in my 98 Passat with Climatronic. I took the motor out, and could see the brushes we're getting short, but not done for. I researched replacements but it was the holidays and cold and so I tried cleaning...
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    Fault: AdBlue

    Agreed. I do like what the system is supposed to do, make the exhaust cleaner. It would seem though things could hold up better. In other news I got a loaner today, an Audi SQ5. The dealership said it was paid for by the warranty. Glad I have that.
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    Fault: AdBlue

    Having "fixed" TDIs is proving to be something else. My Touareg on a drive Christmas day went into limp mode about 35 miles into a trip. We turned home and switched to the Passat for the day. I later took it into the local VW dealership and they replaced a NoX sensor, which looking through...
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    Intro - I break stuff

    Welcome! I've driven a few TDIs, own a couple, and worked through some problems. I second bustNfuel's statement about the OBDII Bluetooth dongle and VAG-DPF and Torque, both worth paying for the full version (a few dollars each). You can read up about the NMS platform problems, problems with...