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    Time for tires

    You looking for all season, strictly summer or winter tires?
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    2014 Passat TDI SEL Premium

    Nice looking Passat!! That color is very unique.
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    2003 tuning vs 2005 tuning. Tdi jetta.

    Aren't they VIN locked to a particular car?
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    Opti-Lube XPD or Stanadyne?

    I just picked up a bottle of HS EDT but have not tried it yet. Do you use a standard funnel to put it in the tank? I was thinking of just using the nozzle adapter funnel.
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    Westfalia Hitch

    Which kit did you go with? I am staring to look into hitches and a 2" receiver Curt type hitch is like $300 but I like the idea of having the OEM wire integration. I don't see Sportwagen on the site. I'm guessing it's a Golf Estate that I need?
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    Any good way to change the 12v outlet from "Always on" to "Comes on when ignition is on"?

    The closest place to grab a switched 12v source is usually the ignition switch. Run a fused 12v wire from the ignition switch to a new outlet or the original one. If running to the original you will need to remove the constant power going to it (removing the fuse if its not tied into anything...
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    Lisle 24970 Spill Free Funnel w/VW Adapter?

    Oh yes I saw one of the photos with what looked liked oil. Seems expensive to just do coolant. I burped the system on my GTI very easily with a standard funnel. Since the coolant ball is clear it was easy to keep an eye on the level. I don't think that would have helped me any.
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    Lisle 24970 Spill Free Funnel w/VW Adapter?

    Those are nice since they do multiple fluids. I use this just for oil if that's all you want to use it for...
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    VCDS vs VCDS mobile

    I use OBD11. Works great.
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    TDI Into a Subaru?

    Would converting a car to AWD be easier then a cross platform motor swap? Golf R parts maybe?
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    New to TDIClub? Introduce yourself here!

    It wasn't advertised as CPO but it is possible I guess. It is not being sold at a VW dealer if that matters. Yep clear title, all Carfax verified. I am purchasing the car tomorrow but will make sure to ask about the extended emissions warranty.
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    New to TDIClub? Introduce yourself here!

    Great idea!! No it is not CPO. From following the Carfax it was a 1 owner car that looked like they turned it over to VW after the scandal.
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    New to TDIClub? Introduce yourself here!

    Hello everyone. I have not acquired a JSW yet but am going tomorrow to pick one up. 2014 JSW 6 Speed Manual with 28k miles. I have never owned a diesel powered vehicle but am excited to learn about them. I currently own a 2013 GTI with a Unitronic Stage 2+ tune that is my fun car and wanted a...