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    Diagnostic lights cycling and messages in LCD display

    Right, 2012 A3 TDi Avant (sportback) with about 83K on the clock. Battery discharged, and I used my booster to start it. After it started and ran, the following yellow icons showed up: Brake, bulb failure, fuel low, etc. They are preceded by a beep. After that, there are messages displaying...
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    FS 2012 Golf TDI, 2DR, 6 Spd, Black $19,900 w/extended warranty

    How is it possible with 29K on the clock, it already needs tires? Pics?
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    1988 Toyota 4Runner with 1.9L 1996 TDI

    Everything work including gauges on this rig? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    SOLD! 2005 Passat 6 speed manual wagon $9800 TEXAS

    All gauges work? Trip computer? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    FS 2009 Sportwagen TDI Austin TX

    Pics sell cars, mate.
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    FS: Hudson Valley, NY 2009 Jetta Sportwagen 6-speed manual

    And why would I want to do that??
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    BLACKED OUT 2005 Passat GLS TDI Chainless Chipped Heater Phatnoise Loaded

    What is this "BSM Chainless mod/fix," you eloquently disclose?
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    (feeler) FS: 2011 Golf TDI NJ

    Sarcasm is my forte.
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    (feeler) FS: 2011 Golf TDI NJ

    Here's an offer, $1.
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    (feeler) FS: 2011 Golf TDI NJ

    How about YOU stating a PRICE, and then OFFERS will be given!!
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    A tip for selling on Craigslist LOL

    Bummer , he doesn't have a mullet.
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    2013 JSW TDI Manual 18K miles

    Can you be any less specific about the car?