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    Where are folks hanging out these days?

    I'm on many facebook groups - TDI/B6 Passat/North American 3.0 TDI/Audi C7(A7) plus a bunch more. The constant repeat questions in annoying though - but they are very hard to search for answers. A few mercedes forums. Funny you mention them - when I first started working on a Mercedes...
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    ALH Lift Pump

    If it ran before - the timing isn't a problem unless it has jumped. You need to physically inspect it
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    2015 Passat TDI SE Fog Lights Ideas

    The retrofit kit from VW wasn't as great as expected. It did not work like the factory fogs. No cornering lights, no BCM bulb detection, etc. It had an over complicated wiring harness and the design caused a buzzing under the dash from the relay. It used the high beams as a ground for the...
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    Timing Belt on 250k mile engine

    The cam bolt spec is 33 ft-lbs? Some have had issues slipping so the recommendation has been 45 ft-lbs for the last 15 years or so? Destructive testing was done well over that! The original IP pulley bolts were stretch bolts so hopefully they've been replaced as some point already
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    1999 ALH cooling fan wiring diagram and when should the fans come on?

    The coolant temp sensor for the engine does not have anything to do with the fans - it uses the switch in the radiator. Lots of info in the stickied thread in this forum. This is one of the files listed within:
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    Going from 18" to 16" Wheels

    I hated 16s on my passat. The stability control kicked on in every corner and it swayed way more that it should have. I should never have dropped from 17s to 16s (I ran 19s most of the time). I ran at least 40psi in all three sets on that car (16, 17, 19). Typically about 90% sidewall rating.
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    What did you do to your MKIV today?

    The newer LEDs with dual length LEDs to correct focal length actually work extremely well. They fit perfectly in reflector housings. Brighter and whiter is all. I put them in my 03 wagon and my Frontier (1 in each at first as a comparison then did both). Beam pattern was identical. In this...
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    What did you do to your MKIV today?

    I had tons of problems with his lights... bought 2 sets early on (2014). Cheap lights (one arrived broken because the projectors are too heavy for the internal hardware to support) - crappy wiring - horribly designed harness and one had obsolete HID bulbs. Only good thing was the glass...
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    What did you do to your MKIV today?

    I started mine!!! Blew the diff in 2017 right after I bought my SLK and during construction of my garage. Brought it inside that winter to inspect - confirmed it was dumping fluid out the bell housing. 2019 pulled the trans, built one good out of two broken and installed a peloquin LSD. Drove...
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    BEW O2 sensor...

    From what I've seen - the P2196 freeze frame data showed 0 load. Always occurred during engine braking where there is no fuel being injected. New bosch sensor took care of it. I assume it's EGR related but as mentioned earlier - nobody really seems to know!
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    ALH Intake Cleaning

    you aren't kidding there!!! Most of the ones I've done intake cleaning on have had little to no buildup in the head. One was driven in limp mode/bad MAF/whoknowswhatelse for ages and I couldn't even get air to blow through to torch it out. Every tube in the cooler was clogged and all 4 intake...
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    ALH Intake Cleaning

    You can do it safely with some preparation and caution. Rotate the engine until both valves are closed on that port - clean, vacuum and make sure no debris is left behind. Rotate until the next is closed and so on.
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    PD BEW Hoodstack

    go on the tdi scumbags facebook page - they all have them. Don't know why, but they do.
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    Key will not turn ignition

    Is the problem key from your other car? Hold the IMMO key by the column and use the key that turns to start it.
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    BEW EGR delete

    100% agreed! EGR isn't much a problem on these except for the flex pipes breaking (like mine did in 2008?). Too many think they'll get more power or MPGs from "deleting". Dynamic tune with all hardware in place if you insist. And no reason to keep the BEW manifold if you're going the route...