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    Smelling Coolant

    Check for slight leak around water pump
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    Real World MPG - 6 speed Manual

    Experienced similar results with mine at these speeds, pretty amazing for a big car.
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    VW To Debut New Clean Diesel Engine in 2014

    Would there still be DEF on the Passat?
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    Real World MPG - 6 speed Manual

    That's awesome, I remember in the early days of these cars when I reported similar mpg's people on this forum wanted to throw me overboard, glad you are finding similar performance. I no longer own the Passat, but it has nothing to do with car, loved it.
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    Goodbye golf DSG , Hello Passat 6M !!!!

    I had the same two cars, the 6m Passat got 20-25% better mpg's.....even better in some cases.
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    JD Power survey

    I received 2 surveys.....the 1st one had a $1 bill, the 2nd one had a $5 bill in it. I answered honestly, and the 2nd one had a lot more questions.
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    12' Mazda 6 to 13' Passat SE TDI 6MT

    48mpg is doable, that is about what I averaged, but you are going to have to be careful with the right foot to average that.
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    Fan running after shutoff

    I hardly ever had the fan running after turning off the engine, most of my runs were 30+ miles so maybe this had something to do with it.
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    Real World MPG with DSG

    Think it is closer to 18.5 gallons....
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    Real World MPG with DSG

    Mine is very difficult to fill consistently, I have a certain pump/station that I use almost every time so I've gotten it down pretty good, but if I use a different pump with a different ground angle I will get different results. Crazy as it sounds if I have the nose of the car pointing up...
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    Need to find a good Tinting in Raleigh , NC for PASSATS

    Yeah, had mine done too, they did not remove the rear deck.
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    New Yellow labels for Passat TDIs?

    Yep, I got them too....maybe they figure a fair number of those HPFP failures could have been avoided with the new yellow
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    Real World MPG - 6 speed Manual

    OK Niner, you don't make me laugh very often, but that was funny ;) Yeah, the wife loves the Passat as much(or more) than I do, I've been trying to convince her that it is smart to sell it, Eh, not gonna happen, guess I need to attend some more sales
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    Real World MPG - 6 speed Manual

    Probably 60/40 most of the time, and my 40% "city" is a 20 mile section of road that can have 8-10 stop lights, meaning 0-70 & 70-0 which really kills mpg's...BUT, there are times where I may only hit 1 or 2 lights then it really isn't much of a mix and I can see 54-58 mpg's on my computer over...
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    Real World MPG - 6 speed Manual

    Haven't responded here in a while, but had one of my best tanks to date....870 miles, 17.01 gallons = 51.14mpg's....mixed driving