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    Need to rent or borrow timing belt tools (ALH)

    If your Angus contact falls through, you can borrow mine. I'm only 15 minutes north of Barrie.
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    Front rotor question

    The rotor is loose--that's not the issue. The problem is getting it out of the caliper bracket. It requires that I pull the front edge of the rotor away from the vehicle. But when I do that, the back edge gets caught in the caliper bracket. I'll go play some more, but I don't think any...
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    Front rotor question

    I decided to dig into my front rotor & pad change today and found out that the rotor doesn't come out of the caliper bracket as easily as it does on my Jetta and Golf. What's the recommended way: 1) remove (or at least loosen) the caliper bracket (2 stiff bolts at the back) 2) remove the...
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    Watched my Baby Burn Today

    Obviously, it's great to hear you're OK. Cars can be replaced. Some insight from the firefighter's perspective: they can't possibly know how to open every make of vehicle they might meet on the roads. By the time they reach a car fire, the car is almost certainly a write off--they are just...
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    WTB: 15" Steel wheels x 4

    Rims only I've got a set of 4 rims (no rubber) if you want to go that direction. Just let me know.
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    Gb - tdi timing belt kit

    I picked up my kit on Monday. Now to find the time...
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    Gb - tdi timing belt kit

    If I'm not too late... Add me to the list. gdunn (ALH)
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    Warranty Extension--classic VW!

    Some people are calling it the 're-recall'. The original recall (done by the previous owner on my car) changed the glow plugs to a steel variety and re-flashed the ECM. That was to try to alleviate the problem of broken ceramic glow plug tips inside the piston chamber. This 'warranty...
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    Warranty Extension--classic VW!

    My 2005 BHW won't start (without assistance) in anything under -10C (3 times in the past 1.5 weeks). As luck would have it, the day after the first no-start, I received the 'warranty extension letter'. I called the local dealers to see about getting it fixed and they've put me off for the past...
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    BEW Glow Plug Recall being.. Recalled?

    I got the 'warranty extension' for my B5 last week and the day after I got it, I had my first no-start. My wife's been stranded at home twice in the past week because it wouldn't start (-15C & -24C) (not a big deal--bad road conditions up here anyway, so it's better that she stays home)...
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    CV Joint replacement question

    The plot thickens... Thanks for the info. I have the GKN/Lobro kit so I guess it's normal to NOT have that inside clip. I've cleaned the axle completely and the inside clip is not on the axle (I even went through the grease that I removed to see if I accidentally removed it in the process of...
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    CV Joint replacement question

    I'm in the midst of changing my driver's side CV Joint and I think I might have found a problem. In the HowTo, they talk about: 1) Clip 1 - in the groove at the end of the axle. 2) Dished washer - a concave metal washer that butts up against the thrust washer. 3) Thrust washer - another washer...
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    *** windshield group buy 2010***

    1 Pbraunton 2 LYNXGUY 3 01whttdi 4 breakfasteatre 5 TDIDarryl 6 gdunn If they can do a B5 Passat Wagon for around same price, then I'm in for 2!
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    BioDiesel workshops?

    Count me in, too. I've done lots of reading, but no processing. I'd love to see something in action.
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    Sunroof opening on it's own

    On my 2003 Jetta Wagon, the sunroof will open (tilt open--not slide open) for no apparent reason. It tilts about 1/2 way open, not fully. There doesn't seem to be any rhyme or reason behind it. I'll be driving along and notice the motor opening it and an increase in noise. Sometimes it'll...