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    Vw dealer for rust warranty

    Good to know, will have to take mine in. Thinking Don Valley VW even though Pickering VW is nearby
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    Vw dealer for rust warranty

    Thanks keep us posted
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    Vw dealer for rust warranty

    Thanks for the update, I pulled my front fender liners back to clear the crud. I will have to take mine to a VW dealer to file a claim and see. Found this but it references the upper fender however mine is rusting at the rocker panel, lower fender...
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    Vw dealer for rust warranty

    Hi, Any updates on your rust claim. Thx
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    Diesel price...

    Still rez or no rez these prices are insane!
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    Vw dealer for rust warranty

    Anyone get the rockers covered under rust warranty?
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    Pre-Dieselgate Warranty Expiry Scan

    Interesting article that perked my request for a VCDS scan before the dieselgate warranty expires. Anyone nearby to Durham Region to help?
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    2015 Jetta TDI oil filter

    Here you go
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    Timing Belt question?

    For example if you buy the Hepu kit it may have a Dayco or Conti belt, Ina rollers, Timken or Litens tensioner, Hepu water pump (metal impeller vs plastic VW impeller) sourced from all around the world. A real salad bowl of parts.
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    Timing Belt question?

    If you know someone with a Altrom or Autocamping account they can get you the Hepu Timing belt kit
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    Princess Auto - Whitby Relocation Sale

    Heads up, PA is relocating from their old location in Whitby to the other side of Thickson in the old Ikea location. I was told the old location will serve as a clearance outlet for a few weeks once they move i.e., Wk1 20%, Wk2 40%, Wk3 80% Time to pick up some hardware nik naks
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    Dieselgate, The Canadian Edition

    Seller, car was written off
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    Dieselgate, The Canadian Edition

    Got my $750 Bosch settlement cheque today
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    Back in a VW....sort of

    Real back to basics!
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    Best affordable place to buy NOx sensor?

    I checked Autocamping/Altrom for you and I don't see it listed. However in the US dealers list it for ~$400 or ECS has it for ~$360USD vs the insane $1300 CAD. I would suggest you get it shipped from the US to a CDN parcel shipper.