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    New Member/ 1996 1z Passat Wagon

    For the record the gates part is just a repackaged INA.
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    how can I tell an AHU from a 1Z longblock?

    According to RabbitTDGuy from VWDiesel: ALH and AHU pistons are the same. They are quite a bit stronger and less "crack prone" compared to the 1z TDI pistons which are single piece "cast" units. ALH/AHU units are beefier in their construction, are made from a different alloy and also have brass...
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    Stuck likely?

    You need a BEEFY slide hammer. I used the metalnerd one and it didn’t budge them one bit. I received a slide hammer from DBW LLC which appeared to be custom built for the application and it knocked them out in a couple pulls. The slide weight was easily 3x the weight of the metalnerd one.
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    New Member/ 1996 1z Passat Wagon

    I have a basically new pulley with about 40k on it if you want it. Pay shipping and it’s yours.
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    how can I tell an AHU from a 1Z longblock?

    The casting for the 1Z is directly above the water outlet, if my memory serves me right.
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    Need an opinion

    If you are doing the top seals, you can read injection quantity with basically any scanner. If you wish to do the pump timing (different procedure) you will need to buy or rent the VCDS cable and download and run their software.
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    A3 Jetta Core Support Differences

    Should be identical for all the A3 Jettas. Only euro models had different radiator supports, bumpers, etc.
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    Stop selling to partout buyers

    Can’t control what others do with their cars. So buy all the ones you can!
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    Trunk leak help….

    No need to overcomplicate it. Just use the weather stripping tape. Does the same thing.
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    Trunk leak help….

    I am pretty sure I just cleaned up the paint so it would stick and slapped it on. Seems to have worked.
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    Trunk leak help….

    Use closed cell foam weatherstripping. 1/8” thick has worked for me through many winters.
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    A/C System Refresh... economic purgatory

    Got the AC recharged again yesterday... the system held a charge for roughly 1 year. The tech said that they needed to flush it 3 times to get all the "crud" out, and there was more "crud" than the last time I got it recharged. I am going to guess that the compressor is on its way out. After 24...
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    Smoke coming out from egr weep hole.

    Even if there was a boost leak at the weep hole, I wouldn’t expect it to materially affect performance to the degree you’re describing…
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    B4 won't rev over 1200 with brake applied

    You can defeat that with an aftermarket tune.
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    AHU will not start

    Bubbles in the fuel line indicate some sort of loose connection or air entering the fuel system. This could be a chafed hose, residual air in the fuel filter, etc. The thermostatic coupling atop the fuel filter can be a source of leaks. Either way, sounds like you found your issue.