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    FS: DieselGeek Sigma 6 Short Shifter, VCDS Micro-CAN, Aspherical Mirror

    Selling used parts after selling back wagon to VW. Have some goodies I no longer need. Selling: Ross-Tech VCDS Micro-CAN Cable (Unlimited VIN, circa 2012): $150 (Shipped) DieselGeek Sigma 6 Short Shifter: Sold! Aspherical Non-Blue...
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    Computer auto-reset?

    Has anyone else seen this? I parked the car for a few minutes while I ran an errand last night, and when I returned, the entire MFD computer had reset itself. Trip mileage was 0.0. Clock read 12:00. Very very strange. Car seems to be running normal, but I can't tell what happened. Hopefully it...
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    35% tint
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    2011 Black/Black JSW

    Picked up my new jsw this week. I've been waiting since january for it to be delivered from factory. I didn't know how hard it would be to get a black on black with moonroof only. Oh well, at least it's here :) First day: My Glass Bubble Moonroof (this is the best upgrade money I could have...
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    Brand New 2011 JSW

    Finally received my 2011 Jetta Sportwagen. I put in the order mid-january, and finally had delivery yesterday afternoon. Nothing super fancy, just the panoramic moon-roof, black on black. It just needs tint. Pronto. My friend called it a "glass bubble". :rolleyes: Drives superb. Better than I...