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    Folding Mirrors with VDS-Pro

    argh! no cars in au got folding mirrors in the vw range (bora/golfs i mean) i considering getting a set from germany i saw on ebay for like $300 for both which isnt to bad considering ... but thought cant do anything with it! hope this works ... but do you DEFinately need to do this for them...
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    KVW Window Modules

    might help out you us/uk guys as some australian ebayer is selling so the exchange rate might be cheaper to buy for you guys?
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    Wanted: Sport Edition Fascia/Faces for GTI

    thanks for that.. hes bit overpriced tho! $150 us convertered to AU is so not worth it :P
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    Wanted: Sport Edition Fascia/Faces for GTI

    im after the sport edition faces, anyone got a set for sale or know where of to get one from? thanks heaps!
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    MFA Cluster Conversion! Pictures!!!!

    christ, 48 pages to read.. little to much! quick question, i have a half mfa/fis cluster already. im thinkin the FULL lcd/fis display (same as on nav models) .. is it possible without too many mods? :P anyone?!
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    Full FIS Display upgrade from Half FIS

    hey guys, ive searched but cant find anything on it.. was looking at doing the full fis display dash upgrade, just wondering is it possible? and no i dont need the gps i just like it lol :P
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    alarm install / wiring diagrams (mk4 gti)

    anyone got any pdfs or links to where i can get the wiring diagram so i can install an alarm in a golf iv gti? (non can bus edition, early gti! eek!) or any info would be appreciative.. thanks! :)
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    99.5 gti golf - no alarm?

    the 99.5 golf from the gf hasnt got an alarm i presume as when you lock it with the remote central locking (the keyfob/remote, whatever u feel like calling it today lol) it locks and unlocks the car. although, if your inside and attempt to open the bonnet no alarm or horn sounds off at all...
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    window close on lock feature thru VAG-COM??

    i beg to differ, ill show you what i mean shortly :) without alientech :P
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    window close on lock feature thru VAG-COM??

    Apparently possible if your 46 module starts from "1C0 959 799" onwards.
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    window close on lock feature thru VAG-COM??

    Sorry its a 2002 GTI Golf (mk4)
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    window close on lock feature thru VAG-COM??

    oh, and the product im talking about just connects and updates as mentioned. you do not have to take your door trim off or "Add" anything as such. its plug n play-update and unplug and throw away.
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    window close on lock feature thru VAG-COM??

    Well its 100% definately possible, reason i say this im able to get a device which plugs into the mk4 bora/golf's vagcom connect and it updates this feature allowing you to lock the car and windows go up. pressing the unlock 1 unlocks the car, second time+hold unlock it will put them down again...