Full Circle

Grew up in the Ozarks of AR graduated H.S. 1 of 27 that year always knew I'd be a soldier so joined Uncle Sam's club. Been to Germany, Korea, Panama and Iraq and by far the 1st one was best. The one thing I learned is change is inevitable and after 20+ and figuring out it wasn't the same club decided to retire. Worked as government contractor for 7 years and got tired of that to. Am fully retired and pick what jobs to do mostly for neighbors mostly mechanic work. Love the 20 yr old TDI VW's and know fuel economy is better with them. At one time had 3 TDI's in the driveway then thought there's no way can drive em all at once so sold 09 Jetta SW. About 2 years later diesel gate broke and couldn't turn down the offer VW gave me on 2010 Golf so sold it back to them and bought a 04 BEW Golf went through fixed all the gigs cleaned it up and gave it to my Mom and Dad. A few years later was home visiting and we got to talking MPG and Dad said you know son I wished you've done it a long time ago was averaging 43 with it. Mom and Dad passed away a few day's apart in 2019 and am still maintaining that car got my Sister hooked now. Like the Ad says "DRIVERS WANTED"
Central TX
2001 Golf GL 2DR HB 5spd manual 93 Ford F250 7.3 IDI NA / sold 2009 VW SW / 2010 GOLF / 2014 BMW 323D
.068 5th gear, evolution skid plate


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