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    2002 Beetle (67k miles!!) For Sale in Ontario.

    Hi All. The time has come to list my 2002 TDI Beetle with only 108,000 original km. I never expected to be selling this car in the near future but I had the opportunity to get into the new ride I had wanted for some time now so I jumped on it. So now the beetle is for sale to a loving home...
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    Beetle Scanguage Install

    Hello Folks, Hope everybody had a good holiday season. The big man in red (or perhaps my girlfriend ;) ) got me a Scanguage II for Christmas! Took me damn near forever to find the right spot to install it. Although I suppose it could be moved at any time with some new Velcro. Here are some...
  3. Scanguage Install

    Scanguage Install

    Photo of my new Scanguage II
  4. Scanguage Install

    Scanguage Install

    Photo of my new Scanguage II
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    Euro Motorsports Gone??

    Is anyone familiar with the place at 5553 Dundas Street West, Toronto that used to have all kinds of used TDI's for sale?? They advertised on their own website, had a kijiji page, as well as listings. Now no matter where I search, they're gone! The website is saying "the contract...
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    Best way to drive an 01M

    What does everybofy think is the best way to drive an 01M on a daily basis? The best hope of making it last? Would you drive it harder to keep the fluid pressure up and maybe less wear on the clutch packs etc. Drive it like a granny? Step above a granny? Beat the hell out of it? I personally...
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    My 2002 New Beetle

    Hello All! I have posted a few times off and on have been a lurker for bit. I am a big fan of Volkswagens in general, and my favourites are MKIV & MKV. I have a soft spot for New Beetles, and would love to one day pick up a 2012-present Beetle. or maybe even a Touareg. Those days are a long way...
  8. 2002 NB

    2002 NB

    Lots of snow!!!! Intercooler getting a snack
  9. 2002 NB

    2002 NB

    Me at the dealer day of purchase
  10. Driveway First day

    Driveway First day

    in the driveway first day home
  11. Camping


    Camping 2002 NB
  12. 2002 NB

    2002 NB

    Driveway shot with racks
  13. Original Ad

    Original Ad

    the original Ad from the Orillia VW website before I bought the car on June 6th 2014
  14. Summer 2014

    Summer 2014

    at the beach!!
  15. Odo


    first odo reading!!! 31,000 orig km!