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    If you are considering buyback which cars are you looking at as replacements?

    I was thinking about quite the opposite with my next car. Since I an now able to let go of my 13 beetle I told my wife I wanted to get a dream car. I got a 16 plum crazy challenger with a 5.7 hemi. I drive 108 miles a day and this car is just as good at creating fun times as the beetle was at...
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    Common Beetle Issues?

    AC stopped working My AC stopped working at 38,000 miles and I live in Oregon where its not hot most of the year. I scanned the codes myself and it gave a Hi Presure Sensor short to ground code in my Central Electronics section. Took it to the deal and just happen to get a tech that owned a...
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    Oregon shops

    Joebob, In eugene is edge motorsports. Not sure if they are on the list. I have not taken my car to them yet as I have done all the work myself so far. However I also have a 1.8t that needs major work. Every VW owner at my work takes their cars to Edge and had nothing but good things to say...
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    Are banks giving loans for used TDI's?

    I just got my TDI re-financed 2 weeks ago. the loan value was for 14k+. Like others I dont believe the bank cares as long as the car is worth the loan amount. Ron
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    Pioneer 8100-NEX swap out

    hmmm HighVoltage, I have a kenwood and have this exact same issue. I personally believe this is an issue with the maestro as before firmware version 3.0 it worked perfectly. Now since I updated to 3.1, I need to turn the car on, off, open the driver side door, turn the car on and start to...
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    Volkswagen asked by EPA to make electric cars in U.S. to make up for dieselgate

    That was in the Article too. VW would pay a big chunk for changing infrastructure. Not that it means anything but to change someone a fine for doing something wrong and then saying instead of a fine why dont you pay for the infrastructure to get the rest of the US to buy EV's seems just as...
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    Volkswagen Passat & Golf Security Flaw Kept Secret By VW

    Computer Controlled Functions like Tranny gear selection With the hack done to the jeeps specifically and most likely any car with a TCU is the researchers that cracked this found out the mechanical position is not validated after the command to change gears is sent to the computer control...
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    want to buy vagcom

    What it can do. Now that your question of what one should I get is answered here is the what to do part. But basically it will allow you to set your computer to options you would like if the dealer did not do them for your. up/down...
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    Sound Off on Current Diesel Price

    Last 2 weeks I have paid 1.899 in Cottage Grove Or. Moble station on hwy99. My fuelly has been reading 2-3 cents a mile for a while now. Cant remember the last time $20 nearly filled the tank and can take you 450+ miles. Ron
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    Volkswagen's Clean Air Act violations on 2009+ TDIs spark huge recall, investigations

    Ha, You have not heard very many stories about New Jersey have you. I believe he has every belief that is possible. Ron
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    Volkswagen's Clean Air Act violations on 2009+ TDIs spark huge recall, investigations

    Darn Man, more people are posting pages before I can finish reading the last post...LOL But really I wonder if this has anything to do with the "Efficient Mode" check box in the ecu. When I saw that in my '13 beetle there was a few posts on it but never could find any info on it and what it...
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    Volkswagen Passat & Golf Security Flaw Kept Secret By VW

    That has passed my mind many times. I continually tell them the car better be in the same place when I get back...LOL does not they will continue to listen. The other option for avoidance of the possibility of a car being taken over this way of course would be to drive a car that had neither...
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    Volkswagen Passat & Golf Security Flaw Kept Secret By VW

    I agree with all that however I do live in "rural" Oregon and my kids are are really upper teens and would rather stay in the car blasting my radio as I dont let me listen to the radio when I drive. They also have witnessed a car getting hit and ran and were smart enough to get the license...
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    Volkswagen Passat & Golf Security Flaw Kept Secret By VW

    security issue with modern cars This is the real reason hacks can happen and the problem is the computers NEVER check the mechanical position to validate the input. What this does is allow the hacker to send the computer signals for whatever (brakes on/off, start engine, disengage tranny...
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    Since when do moderators need to approve everything on this site?

    With your tag line that is hard to believe.... Ron