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    WTB: beige leather front seats to fit a Mk IV Jetta

    Looking for front seats in decent condition. Our Mk IV has the beige leather interior.
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    Bye California, it's been nice.

    I'm glad to have met you at a SoCal GTG long ago. Good luck in your next location!
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    2002 Jetta End of Life?

    Based on your post, getting the car to a guru is the cheapest option, even with the tow. But I would borrow a vehicle to tow it there myself. I've done that enough times...;)
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    boost or egt gauge

    I got the dual gauge pod and installed both from New South. Stock-looking lighting helps it appear like OEM.
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    Entire TDI family named "Worst Foreign Car Engine Of All Time"

    Apparently Florida has a new 'Florida man' to keep the rest of us entertained. (y) But seriously, what is it about a state 3000 miles away from you that has you posting your political trash in this forum? Do they owe you money? That's what I call pollution!
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    01M Transmission shifting hard from 2nd to 3rd after full throttle on highway.

    I don't see how a bad TC would give you hard shifts. That sounds more like the VB or something internal in the trans.
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    2003 golf power loss cant figure it out ( UPDATE )

    Get a MityVac and pull vacuum on the turbo actuator and see if it holds. They can get rusty and start to leak. The rust can travel into the N75.
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    2002 ALH running rough, intermittent misfire

    Maybe you're in a bit of a hurry but in your case I would disassemble the head, tank it and skim it. Check the guides because they tend to wear early. Then lap all the valves equally. After that you're good for a half-million more miles.
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    01M Transmission shifting hard from 2nd to 3rd after full throttle on highway.

    2002_auto_tdi, read up on the procedure at The electrical connections are fragile and easily damaged during disconnection. KCtdi even has a special tool to keep from breaking them. Good luck!
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    ALH problems with boost

    If the N75 is the original one it is over 17 years old and may be tired. They are cheap enough to just change to see if anything gets better.
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    turbo not working

    No, it wouldn't. See what your MAF is doing requested vs actual with your VCDS. Or just unplug it and see if the power improves.
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    P0811 clutch slippage. Damage done or escaped death?

    If you've never changed the trans fluid, change it and the filter then after several hundred miles change it again. A lot of fluid stays in the torque converter, etc. Speaking of the TC, if you got the TCC code before, keep an eye on your RPM's while at a steady cruise speed. If you see them...
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    "Cat-ectomy" folks that have done it and like it

    If your goal is to increase noise from the engine, the catectomy won't do that. It has almost no effect on power or sound output. I'd skip it and do the mufflerectomy instead.
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    EGR delete. Now no turbo

    What method was used to reset the timing belt after the head gasket change? What makes you think you have a 'bad' injector?
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    Thermostat 02 TDI

    Guys that have exceptionally clean engines have been known to catch the coolant that drains down the side of the block and reuse it. Me, not so much...