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    Help locating Vacuum Hose Connection

    Thanks - Found it.
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    2022-04-14 11.56.03.jpg

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    2022-04-14 10.07.38.jpg

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    Wiring (HELP) for Power Drivers Seat

    Yes - We still own our 2003 TDI 5-Speed Wagon. Not putting near as many miles on her, but we will cross 200k this year.
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    Help locating Vacuum Hose Connection

    I noticed this vacuum line was disconnected and can not find where it should go?
  6. 2003 TDI Vacuum Line.jpg

    2003 TDI Vacuum Line.jpg

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    Clutch Support Bracket Lower Connection?

    While taking everything apart for replacing my clutch I tried to do a good job of putting nuts and bolts back into where they came off/out of. I know exactly where the top of the Clutch Support Bracket attaches and the bolt that is used, but the lower connection location and how it is attached...
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    Bracket 001.jpg

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    Bracket 002.jpg

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    Bracket 003.jpg

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    Drive (Pressure) Plate Removal

    That worked and now I have my triple square drive on one of the bolts. Now I just need to figure out how to lock the flywheel as it just spins when I try to loosen the bolt. Anyone remember a good DIY on locking the flywheel?
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    Drive (Pressure) Plate Removal

    I am deep into replacing my clutch in my 2003 Jetta with 200k miles. I purchased the LUK 17-050 as I liked that it should not need the alignment tool as the clutch is already attached the the drive plate. Earlier this week I dropped the transmission and this morning I was going to tackle the...
  13. 2020-09-12 08.46.27.jpg

    2020-09-12 08.46.27.jpg

    2003 Jetta Drive Plate
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    Type of Grease for Driveshaft Joints

    I am in the process of changing the clutch in our 2003 with just under 200k miles. Though I am trying to protect the joints by wrapping them in plastic I feel that I should replace some of the grease that was lost from these connection locations, but I can not find what type of grease is to be used?
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    VW Mk4 Driveshaft Mounts