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    Wheat Beige Metallic Bora 4Motion

    My 04 is wheat beige. It’s not my favorite but clean older cars in the northeast are hard to come by so I jumped at it despite the somewhat less than palatable color.
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    Check your radiator/condenser fan operation NOW

    My 04’s ac has faded from last summer time, so I checked the fans and found both mine work on low key on, ac on, engine off. I’ll have my friend with ac machine take a look for leaks and charge if good. I have had my car since 13 and never added refrigerant so I wouldn’t be surprised if it was a...
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    Clutch kits.

    I’ve been running the luk for about 65k and no complaints either.
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    What did you do to your MKIV today?

    Read a intermittent CEL that turned out to be a P2564. Drivability is good so I reset and will monitor.
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    What did you do to your MKIV today?

    Mines been like that for sometimes up to 10 sec or so since I got it back in 2014. Never got any worse so I let it go.
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    Nice low mileage 2003 Jetta TDI GLS Wagon 5MT for only $16K.

    I’ve made some pretty expensive drunk purchases, but this time it wasn’t me 😛
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    What to do when the intercooler does ice over

    Water gets in the hose???
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    What did you do to your MKIV today?

    Installed a new interstate MTP 94R battery today. Old one installed in 2015 called it quits on a cold start this am. I must of jinxed it bragging about it in another thread last week singing it’s praises for a 6deg cold start. Oh well $197 out the door I hope I get 6+ years out of this one as...
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    What's the coldest temperature you've ever started your tdi? (without frost heater)

    6 deg this am, 1 glow plug cycle on a 2015 dated interstate 94R battery, couple revolutions then it fired. Spit and sputter for about 15 sec then cleared up and idled nicely.
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    Car died after oil light came on…

    Looks like mine, and I have the same resistance while unbolting it from the pan.
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    Car died after oil light came on…

    I never have changed the oil plug or washer in the last 70k miles I’ve owned my car? Didn’t know this was a thing.
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    Incorrect Battery from Dealership!!?!

    How’s one check those for problems?
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    Oil issues

    Could be bad then. If made in China its not going to be known for quality or longevity. If it’s a replacement made in say Germany you may be better off.
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    CV Axle Bolts Not Staying Tight

    30ftlbs friend
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    CV Axle Bolts Not Staying Tight

    More than likely some axle grease build up in the holes. Brake parts cleaner followed by a blast of shop air (if available) then repeat. Blue loctite and should be good to go.