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    Costco item# for H6 battery?

    No idea, try posting in the MK6 section instead.
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    KESSY problem/fault

    B116F is a faulty drivers door handle sensor or the wiring to it. First check the wiring is not broken in the rubber boot between the door and the body.
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    '15 Golf Sportwagen door lock module- does it need to be programmed to car?

    Match the part number and you will be fine with a straight swap, plug and play.
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    Air Conditioner

    Pull a vacuum, add refrigerant, once this reaches a certain pressure the compressor will kick in and it will take refrigerant more easily.
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    GTD- help with engine issues?

    To check your DPF values use vcds engine/adv measuring, in the search box type particle, tick the boxes for soot mass, 20 or under is ok, 20 - 30, you need a regen and to drive at over 40 mph at steady revs around 2k. You can see when the car is regenerating as the stop start is not available...
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    Does the mk7 have multiple wheel bearing models?

    You can identify the part number you need from the PR Number, it is found in the service book that came with your car. Part Number, Size, PR Number 8V0 498 625 wheel bearing with assembly parts 80mm 1ZE,1ZP...
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    VCDS factory reset cluster

    Use VCDS and go into long coding for the instrument cluster and select all that apply to your car.
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    Does the mk7 have multiple wheel bearing models?

    You will need to remove the driveshaft from the hub. To get enough room to get it out, undo the 3 nuts that hold the ball joint to the lower control arm, you don't need to remove the ball joint from the hub assembly. You are meant to replace the 3 nuts as they are one time use, but I just use...
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    DPF half full is it time to to it serviced?

    The data is fine, once it hits the ash limit it will be time to have it cleaned. If it is regenerating during normal driving you wont have a problem, it usually does a regen when you hit around 20g of soot and the regen normally brings it down to under 7g. You get a problem if you do short...