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    2010 Jetta ABS module coding help. used module

    Update: I was finally able to get it to accept coding. I had to take a known config from a module with the same exact number and change the bits that contained the vin to match my vin.
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    2010 Jetta ABS module coding help. used module

    I went ahead and did the one from Carprog and also found a free one on MHHAUTO. Neither worked. I'm not sure it really matters but neither calculator lists the 5 cylinder engine as an option when configuring the code. I'm taking a break for now and doing to do other stuff, frustration setting in!
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    2010 Jetta ABS module coding help. used module

    I will do that. I had no idea there were online calculators. I will search around. Thanks.
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    2010 Jetta ABS module coding help. used module

    I tried it, all I seem to get is "out of range". I might have to rip apart the old abs module on a bench, try to solder back the broken wire just to retrieve my code! I have a J2534 and am willing to pay VW for a day access but from what i can see the procedure to get registered on their...
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    2010 Jetta ABS module coding help. used module

    I appreciate the reply but it looks like my module wants 38 characters?
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    2010 Jetta ABS module coding help. used module

    I had the dreaded ABS module fail on a 2010 Jetta that was brought to me for ABS / traction / brake lights and dead speedometer. I got one from the junk yard with the exact same numbers and installed it. The original module wouldn't communicate at all. The new one communicates fine, speedo...
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    Polar How many people have had trouble with it

    Got mine from a member on here and so far it's been flawless. * I have removed the factory blue tooth module from my car though and installed an aftermarket head unit.
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    FS Mkv Brm engine,5 speed swap 1300 IL

    GLWS, would be a fun project for someone with a gas 5th gen.
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    Polar FIS double challenge with pole & pictures

    With my KermaTDI emissions in tact tune I get around 280-330 miles between regens. Like you the !Soot m Gr. always slowly increases yet never decreases until a regen happens at around 24. When it regens it'll go back down to around 3. Soot m Gr normally sits at 0 then when I get near 280...
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    OEM style AUX USB switches in console

    Cool, I am about to do a similar thing. I wish they sold another usb socket besides the right hand one. You'd think someone would offer ones that fit the center holes properly.
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    vcds mods

    VCDS isn't going to help you.
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    FS RCD510 North American version. Seattle area. Used. $115 shipped USA

    Wrong. Thanks for your input though. You can most definitely buy the codes online. I have purchased a code for a RCD510 and an RNS 510 about 3 years ago. I used one of these services and they worked fine...
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    Cluster Needle Sweep possible even if VCDS can not do it

    This is the answer folks. If you know how to dump and program an eeprom then you can change this bit and enable it if you really want the feature that bad.
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    SOLD! Three 02A transmission 5th gear sets for sale.

    Yes you ARE supposed to use the clutch when shifting heavy truck transmissions. You don't put the pedal to the floor otherwise you'll burn up the clutch brake in no time. Does anyone actually double clutch when driving these? I hope not for your left knees sake. When driving a synchronized...