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    Antitheft after sitting over night

    When my car did this it was the door latch. The switch was fine but there were some bad solder joints where the wires attached to the board.
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    WTB 2000-2004 Golf TDI

    2002 Volkswagen Golf TDI turbo diesel ALH VW - cars & trucks - by... ( Not mine
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    ABS sensor replacement

    You can pull the bearings, fix everything, then put them back on. I think that's how I put new shields on. The race stays on the center stub but slides back into the bearing/seal when reinstalled. Some SP-400 or LPS3 or fluid film would help protect the tone rings. I think rust is their biggest...
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    Rods for ALH build

    What engine do you get the different crank from?
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    ABS sensor replacement

    Get a couple dust shields before you do the job. They are about $20 each from ID parts.
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    My first TDI. A 2000 Jetta

    I can't help with info on the PD engines. Mine is a 2000 Jetta with an ALH engine. My old friend the check engine light is back. I think it's because the EGR and flapper are disconnected. I'll hook the EGR vacuum switch back up and find an EGR valve to plug the other one back into and see if...
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    Eliminate Thermo Tee and fuel Filter Temporary for air leak?

    So you are seeing air in the fuel going into the injection pump? If you are saying you suspect air in the fuel, clear fuel lines will help you figure out where it is coming from. Or if you even have air in the fuel. Did you check VCDS again to see if anything has changed? I noticed in VCDS...
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    Cracked ALH Cam Cap

    I know I'm going to get roasted for this. I've had 1.6 heads with no cam caps. And I have a stash of cam caps. I set them on the journals and felt the edges where they met to make sure the sides line up perfect. No lip allowed. I found caps that fit perfectly. Then I put the cam in (with no...
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    My first TDI. A 2000 Jetta

    Swapped in the glow plug harness from the burned Jetta I parted out this summer. Now I have no warning lights. Darkness. It's eerie, just blackness. Went around the block a few times and no lights. There is still fault codes that come back in the VCDS. The flapper one. I removed the EGR vacuum...
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    Oil pan sealant

    Great Stuff, but I also used an ALH oil pan gasket.
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    My first TDI. A 2000 Jetta

    Yep, glow plugs is one of them. Short in the valve for the intake manifold flap is the other one. Flap is deleted, plug must be hanging. I start the car and have no warning lights,.. until I hit second gear. Then the check engine light comes on.
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    My first TDI. A 2000 Jetta

    The previous owner liked gravel roads,.. and apparently shooting from his car. It was full of bullet casings. I took a look at the RR speed sensor and it looked great. Measured the ohms on a new one and it was around 1K>>> 1.02 to 1.04. The one on the RR wheel measured open/junk. Swapped...
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    1985 Jetta TurboDiesel

    No foam in the box because it's all hanging out in your vents, ha. Glad you found the problem and are skilled enough to take it apart and fix it. Nice to have some heat in the winter.
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    PD170 turbo on 1Z

    Just the VNT-15 that hits the rear motor mount on a MK3/MK2?
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    My first TDI. A 2000 Jetta

    Thanks for the info. The speed sensor on the driver's side was trashed. deeppurplespeedsensor by vwfatmobile, on Flickr The tin shield was also gone so I fixed that side and rebuilt the calipers for both sides I put a used bearing/axle on that side from a car I parted out. Looks like that one...