I retired my services as a ASE master auto technician Worked on VW since 78.

Dirt bikes ATV. vw restorations
Riverside CA
National sign company Painting contractor
06 Jetta tdi, 09 TDI SPORTWAGEN 2011 Audi a3 TDI. VW caddy turbo diesel... Various vw split window busses
Fuel Economy
32 city avg 44 hwy avg.....
Jetta CA smog program stock.
Caddy 5 spd 15 in wheels and low profile tires. 1.9d Adnoid pump. TdI turbo, Tdi intake, Working A/C. and yes the caddy whoops ass on the Jetta ha ha
2009 jetta SW CJAA with Malone stage 2 and CP3 all smog legal CA car
2011 audi A3 CBEA Putting in Malone stage 2 and cp3 right now
Mods (cont.)
Caddy 1.9TD 5spd 15in custom rims. 2.25in exhaust 12lbs boost


Owned and restored countless vw products or 35 years of vw pain. But you cant beat the diesel mileage.:)




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