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    must have options?

    I wished I could get the warm weather package without the enormous sunroof. I just wanted the 4 way controllable a/c. I ended up putting attic insulation foil type stuff on all of the glass roof bits to keep the Texas sun out off my head.
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    Q7 3.0 tdi

    I'm with you Odass, I don't need an "assassin" (per my wife-one ass is good enough ) but I would like a straight pipe option after the DEF treatment section, similar to the Banks exhaust for the jettas.
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    New Audi A6 Avant debuts with 313hp 3.0 TDI

    If it were ever offered here, the best way around the dealer stocking issue is European delivery as your car does not go against your dealer's allotment count.
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    Coolant Temperature

    Anyone check their coolant temps on the new 2.0 CR engine? My fan is on half the time after I get off the highway regardless of ambient temperature. On my previous 2 TDIs I never heard the fan kick on even on really hot days and slow driving. I only have a scanguage to go by but on that, my...
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    What did we pay for?

    Is this a guaranteed issue in the passat or something that may come up? I'm looking to pick one up soon but now may be leaning towards something with the 1.9 now...
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    New Titanium additives vs phosphorus in oil-Thougths...

    I get your point about the teflon, but I don't think teflon is listed on the periodic table where zinc, phosphorus and titanium are. Maybe with more testing it will prove as reliable or more so than ZDDP additives and easier on catalytic converters.
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    New Titanium additives vs phosphorus in oil-Thougths... ConocoPhillips is offering it in 2 diesel oils: Kendall Super-D XA™ with Liquid Titanium & Guardol ECT
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    Shell announces nitrogen enhanced gasoline

    "Shell claims that nitrogen-enriched molecules chemically react with carbon deposits that have collected on the valves. These nitrogen-enriched molecules then clean the valves and permit maximum gasoline and air compression within the cylinder." Maybe they tweaked the amount but I think it's...
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    Audi A3 2.0 TDI Coming to the US!!

    Audi A3 TDI by year's end? I got a letter last week from my Audi/VW dealer here in Richmond, VA and it was telling about some current AOA specials. In the middle of it it said something along the lines of 'Psst, the A3 will be available as a TDI near the end of the year'. Not what I...
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    Edmunds Inside Line Tests Audi Q7 V6 TDI

    Did Audi drop their motto of "never follow"? I emailed them about the A4 TDI and how BMW's non-SUV diesel 335 will be available soon and only get a standard "not at this time" answer. Is it that much more difficult to shorten the exhaust pipes and make the A4 50 state compliant?
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    C&D Stingiest Sippers - new TDI #6 on list

    Do urea and extra catalysts out weigh the extra batteries needed for hybrids?
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    FS: '04 Golf GLS TDI

    AOA hasn't given me permission to buy it yet...Tell me how to import it to the states and I'll steal it though.
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    FS: '04 Golf GLS TDI

    Did I mention what kind of condition it is in? Except for the bird crap I saw on it this morning, fabulous! I'll wash it again for you, no worries.
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    FS: '04 Golf GLS TDI

    2004 Golf GLS TDI, Silver w/black cloth, 5-speed, 145k highway miles. Car is in perfect condition. I avg 45mpg, got 48mpg going from Richmond to NY and back to Richmond on one tank of fuel with the cruise @ 80mph. I have all records (since I have owned it) including daily mileage sheets &...
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    TDI UOA Database

    Date:3/10/08 Engine Code:BEW Miles/oil:9500 Miles/unit:143300 Oil Type:amsoil afl 5w40 Fe Iron:31 Cr Chromium:0 Al Aluminum:3 Cu Copper:22 Pb Lead:10 Sn Tin:0