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    So. Cis system goes bye bye. .Or keep it?

    I don't see it being user friendly in my 85 mk2 when I'm ready to setup Fueling for my ALH swap. I've begun the dissembling on both cars, and I was just kicking myself in the ass for thinking of everything. . But this little situation. Anyone use the cis system or did you ditch it and go...
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    Any recent DIY or detailed buil threads of an ALH into a CE1 car?

    everything i find is either outdated and lack of links and pics, gone completely, or is typically not an ALH into a NON-CE1/'s usually CE/ccccccccccCE12 or an AHU swap. the mkiv(02 golf) i've had for awhile is just a gigantic POS car, but of course, the ol soot spitter is running...
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    where can i get lubro moly products in N.CO?

    anyone? team petroleum doesn't carry any and had no idea what i was tlaking about,lol. i love the stuff it makes my car love me, and keeps her ol body and heart going strong. anyone i have searched the intrawebz with nothing but mail order stuff. which i woudl rahter have a local place to...
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    looking for a diesel donor ca rin colorado

    as it says. looking for a diesel to replace mine n/a. totalled cars, passat or jetta, non pdMKIV/B5 stuff. my n/a is on it's last leg it seems or is going to be. and a TDi swap is due. any info or leads would be greatly appreciated
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    movin home from VA finally..who's out there?

    i'll be between drake and loveland. right on I25. wanna see where the diesel heads are. cos i will probably be taking the diesel off the road when i get out there for either a swap($$$) or for a bottom end rebuild. and help would be funa nd drinkin soot partners are always needed. holla back
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    this was brought up amonst the MKI guys today. i was like hmm. so i am here asking for someinfo as well. it seems fishy, but i have noo idea!! here is directly from the website. Its called CA-40 sounds like this does what KY/Astroglide does for all us rabbits, any feed back is welcomeSome...
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    anyone runnin biodD on there n/a diesel?

    i have an 85 jetta diesel, n/a. 516k, still gettina solid 47-54mpg(long trips can crest into 60) and i am saving and learning about producing my own biodiesel, i wanted to see if anyoen is running in a naturally aspirated diesel at all, and what results they have gotten. tia
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    local fuels??

    can we get a best place locall thread perhaps?? co si found 47 cetane at a BP tucked away in manassas,va and its cheap. i can't always get would be great to know if there are other places that are awesome priced and good fuel!. anyone???
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    question about my 85 n/a diesel

    so i keep exhuast is on it's wya out.and i look a tit..and it has no top end what so appears any MKI or MKII header with no cat and then a cat back system would fit and benefit my car. i jsut lowered it and added a bunch of new suspension components. and the exhuast is...
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    anything to help my 85 jetta diesel?

    any mods at all. exhuast, injectors, somethin? good fuel filter, ya know. all the goodie is am open to. :) TIA
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    best oil and fuel additive for an 85 n/a diesel

    what are soem recommendations for fuel additives and oil for my 85 jetta diesel. and what's a good fuel filter besides OEM. any little tips and recommendatiosn are welcome!! TAI
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    i need some tips on my 85 jetta diesel to TDi

    i have an 85 jetta n/a diesel. i was wondering. can i use the MKI TD stuff to make my car a TDi? or should i go with the MKIII stuff? or is thee any aftermarket items/parts,etc out there? any and all info will be awesome!! TAI