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    CKRA Oil consumption

    Your CKRA has a little more "experience" than mine - mine is at 120,000mi currently. Never had any oil consumption until I discovered ever-increasing leak of the valve cover than pooled in injector well. There was some leaking around the perimeter, but was very minor and most was sticking to the...
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    Coolant turning brown

    @Tom in PT Please let us know how G12+ operates and if there is any degradation or corrosion that you may see. You end up downgrading to reduced corrosion resistance. But completely clogging heater cores and oil coolers is an unacceptable alternative too. I am starting to see some particulates...
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    Coolant turning brown

    @Nuje I think you may be talking about new G12 Evo coolant. I believe it was approved for many Audi models and it can turn other coolants brown when mixed. However, if I recall correctly, it contains glycerin also for nature friendliness. On the other hand, VW says the purpose of its redesign...
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    Coolant turning brown

    My understanding is that the only glycerin-containing coolant is G13. All G12 varieties are glycerin-free. The Zerex G40 that I started to use is G12++ equivalent - it is ethylene glycol based (without glycerin), but it is Si-OAT technology with silicates. Going from G13 to Zerex G40 removes the...
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    Coolant turning brown

    Refer to my thread here, lots of great, smart individuals provided plenty of evidence for coolant degradation. Your best bet is to make coolant exchange your yearly maintenance job. I have not yet found anyone that experimented with alternate coolant, preferably without silicates, which the...
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    Need some help radio freezing

    I currently have 5382 on a Mega. Wanna give it a try, I will just PM you on this forum with a link? I have instructions somewhere it my email, let me know if you need them, I can try to dig them up today.
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    Need some help radio freezing

    Find out what version of firmware you have and let me know. I have the latest version for RNS510, I had to buy it from someone on the forums but I will be happy to give you a copy for free. I am blessed with a good job, I don't need to sell something that is not mine. LOL. Here is my original...
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    2015 Passat parasitic drain

    @hgdmartin and @oilhammer You all hit the nail on the head. My 2014 has gone through the second battery replacement (on its third overall counting one car came with). For some reason, Passat battery only lasts about 3 to 4 years, at least in my case. I was so upset that I lost my last battery...
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    Valve Cover Replacement for 2014 VW Passat TDI (CKRA Engine).

    Unfortunately, in the process of trying to pull the stuck on valve cover, I accidentally broke the little plastic "ears" on top of the timing belt cover. These ears don't hold anything (I think they are used for other models, our cars just have them empty). Thankfully, I accounted for both...
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    Valve Cover Replacement for 2014 VW Passat TDI (CKRA Engine).

    Good morning, everyone, Finally tackled the valve cover job on 2014 Passat TDI with CKRA engine - one of two (second will be timing belt and cam seal). Car is at 117,000 miles as of yesterday. Valve cover gasket was leaking, so I decided to replace the entire cover. I followed ErWIN manual...
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