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    Feeler / Opinion - 2000 Golf GLS in Ottawa, ON

    Hi All Haven't been on in a long time - thought I'd ask for help pricing my baby. Plucky - My first new car - picked up with 6 kms on it in April '00. Went to the original TDI Fest in Wilmington and got it chipped by Rene Berube in his hotel room after many, many beers. I honestly thought...
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    Need Shipping address In the States

    For anyone in the OTtawa area - there's the UPS Store in Ogdensburg (zip 13669) - they'll hold stuff for $5 a pkg as well and it's a 45 mins from DT ottawa.
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    TDIFest OH-8 (2008) coming to Mason, OH

    Sounds like fun and only 1200kms from home...we plan on being there!
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    Racine, WI to Ontario

    They won't care about you driving a financed car...that generally only applies if you're moving here...
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    Are there TDI trucks?

    I believer VW also supplied TDI's to Toyota for their HiLux trucks
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    TDI gone.... Stuff FS

    Are the Hellas still avail? PM Sent
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    Anyone for hybrids?

    Great thread guys...long but great. I'd been considering a 17 for the spring - but this sounds much better. I'm currently rebuilding my 15 as the oil seals blew @ Calabogie last week (unfortunately in the morning - not afternoon). Guess I have to start saving pennies for the spring!!
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    Chris Hill's car trouble

    It's no problem...Road trips tend to give lots of good "US" time. Besides - Chris has helped out so many TDI'ers out of a jam- I felt it wasn't right for him to be stranded in Mtl.
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    Let's all go to the movies

    That's not the same Toytoa they tried kissing on several occasions, is it? I've got the first 7 seasons of Top Gear if anyones interested..
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    I Have An Extra Room for TDIFest

    S'ok Fred - I'd called yesterday and gotten an exec room...all they had left in a regular room was a smoking king or non-smoking with 2 doubles. I've dealt with hotels before an I know it's just often a matter of calling back a few times to get the right person to extend the discounted rates.
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    Amtrac Auto Train

    Sounds like a nice drive. I drove through the Rockies (Calgary to Vancouver and back) in a damn rental a few years ago and was wishing for my Golf every minute...I did manage to warp the hell out of the brakes on a Malibu one way and a Grand Prix the next :) Two of our local VW'ers have driven...
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    I Have An Extra Room for TDIFest

    bump...for anyone interested when I called last week - the special TDI pricing has technically expired - and I was quoted $142 for a regular room.
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    Wanted to borrow: tents/canopies

    Hey Fred - I've managed to borrow our club tent / canopy...just to pimp it a lil (Motorsport Club of Ottawa) I think it's about 8x8 or 10x10 but I'm not sure. JP
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    B3 TDI Part Out

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    LF: Euro Golf IV VIN

    Yes a strange request I know. Some girl backed into my car and broke my EuroBumper. My mechanic can order it thru the dealer - however VWOA wont; ship them to Canada without a reference VIN for a car that takes a euro bumper. I'd considered shipping one directly from Germany or up from the US...