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    How easy is to crack a block?

    Yeah, the housing has been changed to a new one and it’s not leaking. Sorry, should’ve specified that part as well.
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    How easy is to crack a block?

    Hi all, Made a stupid mistake yesterday when flushing coolant and changing thermostat and not sure if I cracked the block or not. Engine was dead cold when I initially let the coolant out, then refilled it with distilled room temp water, warmed up the engine, let that out again. While the...
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    Weakest internal???

    And then God forbid engine just explodes and disintegrates, that’s even more money (that you don’t have maybe??) in the hole.
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    U.S. Comeback?

    Just saw a girl doing a trip from Phoenix to LA in a Tesla and it took her 9 hrs vs. 5 hrs in a regular car. Once this electric and lithium craze iz over, we’ll be begging for diesels. All over the world diesels rule but we in the USA are somehow special and know better?
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    2022 TDIfest Discussion Thread

    I’m down to almost anywhere, but would love it to be somewhere midwest. Closer home of course hehe