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    FS. Winter wheels and Kamei

    Rick, the email was sent.
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    FS Clusters from TDI

    I have 2 complete clusters and 2 boards with MFA. The clusters are listed below 1. 1J0 920 905 L (immo2) 0 miles and SKC 2. 1J0 920 906 L (immo3) 0 miles and SKC 3. 1J5 920 926C (immo3) 0 miles and SKC, this is just a board 4. 1J0 920 926C (immo3) 0 miles ans SKC, just a board. The clusters...
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    FS. Winter wheels and Kamei

    For sale few items left from my car. The tires are used for 4k miles, and they are Dunlop Graspic DS2. The gril is Kamei sport, painted satin silver.
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    FS. Oil pan with sensor and mfa cluster board

    The pan was sold to Delvi Acevedo, thank you
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    FS. Oil pan with sensor and mfa cluster board

    The oil pan is still in the box, it was bought 3 years ago and I didn’t have time to install. The cluster board is European 1j5 920 926 cx with miles to empty and 0 miles (SKC is included); it’s just a board without faces or housing (except the back housing). Its fully working with dual color...
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    Large coolant leak from recovery tank

    Tim, looks like the system is building the pressure, the coolant is not circulating freely, does your engine overheats? Check the hose from head to expansion tank, if it’s cold or partly cold, its a chance that the outlet in the head is clogged.
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    First thread - how new activation on my cluster ?

    Recode cluster to Japan, they are using km/l
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    TURN IT ON! Fixed Interval Service Reminder

    For Canada it will be xx30x or you can use EU xx10x since you use metric system, the EU coding will get rid of open door warning and 24 hr clock, then just go to 17 and in adaptation in channel 2 enter 0 and save, this will set service to default values posted above.
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    When did VW's get an Immobilizer?

    Cabrios do have immobilizer , its not in the cluster but is there.
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    vds-pro help??

    VDS wont work with smart interface from ross-tech. Use plain OBD cable or PM me since you are in Chicagoland
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    TURN IT ON! Fixed Interval Service Reminder

    Don’t change the country code in your cluster, only the coding for service interval. The usual coding for us was 07232, change the xxx3x to xxx0x and leave everything else intact, then go to adaptation and in channel 2 enter 0 and save, it will reset service to default values (15 000 km and 365...
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    FIS cluster(Immo III) in an Immo II car, miles to empty

    No Immo2 cluster had this function (not even Passat in EU), when byte for miles to empty is changed in immo 2 cluster, the speedo is reading slower 5 MPH so changing anything in that cluster will only affect speedo reading:o
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    Coding procedure for CCM Window Modification

    1J0 959 799 AH (any index) and 1J0 959 799 S 03B Code: Memory Address / old value / new value 04283 / 8 / 2 04289 / 8 / 2 08628 / 242 / 246 driver side front window 12724 / 250 / 254 passenger side front window 16820 / 250 / 254 driver side rear window 20916 / 242 / 246 passenger side rear...
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    Coding procedure for CCM Window Modification

    moondawg, the values are below: all values used are decimal, the hex value can be used but $ sign has to be used in front. CCM 1j0 959 799AJ US OLD NEW 04283 138 2 04289 138 2 08628 242 246 12724 250 254 16820 250 254 20916 242 246