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    BC TDI club

    Not on here much these days but there's lots of BC members here Link
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    Trusted TDI Mechanics/Shops in the Victoria (CRD) Area

    Hey Ken, take the car to Jason at Ellice Automotive and tell him I sent you. He worked at the dealership for over 25 years until the recent ownership change and he's a great guy who won't throw unnecessary work/parts at your car just to try and make a buck. He will give you the straight goods...
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    Reputable shop in Portland, Oregon

    And if Justin is booked, you can always go see Rich at Fix'Um Auto Haus
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    "New" shop in Victoria for VW's and TDI's!

    So my buddy that I've known since highschool, and who has worked as a tech at the VW Dealership here in town for the past 25+ years, has moved on to bigger and better things as part of the team at Ellice Automotive on John St near the Bay St bridge! Jason Budynski and his brother Ryan, both of...
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    Timing Belt Tools in Victoria

    So my cousin is looking to buy a MK4 TDI (ALH engine) and some of the ones he's checked out so far all have questionable service records, especially as far as the timing belt. He's a capable mechanic and is quite familiar with diesels but he and his family are living in a temporary residence and...
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    CCM problem or ??

    So I just had my car in the body shop to have my rear bumper repaired after a hit-n-run. No major damage, just damage to the paint and a couple of the clips that hold the bumper cover in place. When I got the car back yesterday, everything seemed fine ... until I got out of the car and tried...
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    Happy birthday to ... My car!!!

    January 24th, 2001 was the day I purchased my 2001 Jetta TDI GLS with CWP, power moonroof and alloys, and Monsoon sound system. Now, 12 years, 240,000kms, hundreds of hours and thousands of $$ later, I still love the car as much as (if not more than) the day I drove it off the dealership lot...
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    Does this car belong to anyone here?

    Just saw this and wondered if it was anyone on this board, or if anyone knows the owner. LINK
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    Trusted TDI Mechanics/Shops in the Vancouver (GVRD) Area

    Hopefully this will end up being made into a sticky by the mods. It was suggested to me by another member that we need a post that lists all the trusted TDI mechanics/shops in the Greater Vancouver Regional District so people could find a shop to work on their car that has a good reputation and...
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    WTB - ABS Control Module

    I know this probably isn't the best place to post but I'm hoping someone here will be able to help me locate the part I need. I'm looking for an ABS Control Module for my '97 Audi A4 1.8T Quattro. The CM bit the dust and the ABS warning light is on fulltime, not to mention that VCDS is unable to...
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    Picture section

    Just a thought, how about sub-sections in the picture gallery section. Possibly break down each type with sub-sections for the various models (ie. MK1-current). It would make it simpler to look keep things organized and easier for people wanting to see specific models without having to sift...
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    Vancouver/Lower Mainland GTG - July 17th

    After the annual Lake Stevens GTG this month (which was amazing as always!) and before the Fix'Um Haus GTG in August (another do-not-miss GTG!), we need to have a local TDI GTG!! It's been a long time since our last TDI GTG in Vancouver, but now it's time to get back to our regular "local" GTGs...
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    Vancouver/Lower Mainland GTG - March 27th

    Well it's 2011 and it's time for a TDI GTG!! It's been a long time since our last TDI GTG in Vancouver, but now it's time to get back to our regular "local" GTGs. So the date of the next GTG will be on March 27th at 11 am until whenever the last person leaves. The address is Unit 8 30508 Great...
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    Happy birthday to my tdi!!

    So my '01 Jetta TDI is 10 years old today! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! Hard to believe that it's been that long since it rolled off the showroom floor. Not only has it been the most enjoyable car I've ever owned, but it's also the most costly!! Not in a fix-another-thing kind of way but in a...
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    Vancouver/Lower Mainland TDI GTG - Sept. 26th

    September's GTG has been cancelled due to lack of interest.