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  1. Hood Insulation

    Hood Insulation

    hood insulation pad
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    I think I shaved today with my Jetta

    As I was shaving this morning with a new razor, I recognized 3 numbers of my old VIN number on the front of the blade. Now I know what happened to my 2009 Jetta TDi
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    Fuse blocks One thing I do when I get a new car is to take close up photos of things like fuse blocks, so I have a baseline reference of the way things were before anyone messed with my car and when it was running ok. Also great if you fulled a fuse and not sure where to put it back. A lot of...
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    Hit and Run - Time to get a dash cam everyone

    My daughters car was stolen. Had to go back and forth with the insurance company to increase their payment as she could not be "made whole" with what they offerred her initially. The insurance co has to give you sufficient funds where you can reasonably replace similar vehicle, similar...
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    2005.5 Jetta Change Rear Brake Pads - How to retract piston?

    That's too bad. I have borrowed tools about three times and in each instance I have to say the tool sets I received were in like new condition. I used the brake kit on two separate occasions, the rear adapter did its job compressing and turning the piston at the same time, no issues. Maybe in...
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    2005.5 Jetta Change Rear Brake Pads - How to retract piston?

    Free loaner program I went to Autozone to take them up on the free loaner tools. After placing a refundable deposit I was given a disc brake kit with many different adapters to choose from. After I was done, returned the kit and received my deposit back. I thought Advance Auto Parts had a...
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    Charge for emission parts before modification?

    Any chance the DPF is covered under Federal Emmissions warranty?
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    engine code from vin.

    Build label Can't say for 2006, but on 2009, found a build label affixed by spare tire wheel well. Has engine code, transmission code, color code, other build codes on it. Also recall finding same label inside glove box. I think VW dealers where actually supposed to place that build label...
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    Replacing eve filter and /or cracked dpf before fix?

    Get proper advice I would suggest contacting the plaintiff counsel to pose these very important questions. Just because VW dealers are issuing ultimatums reguarding conditions of the fix, I would find out from the plaintiff council the validity of those statements. VW dealers may be telling...
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    40 months in prison

    The Fall Guy This guy would't lift a pencil without validation from his superiors. Someone laid out a "road map" for him to take on this. You just don't come up with this scheme while doodling during lunch. All his design time, lab testing, in house costs of manpower, computer power, material...
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    Replacing headlight bulb

    I don't know if they are still available but I bought a bunch of Osram brand 65 watt H7 lamps from eBay. They worked very well, bright enough, even though it said for off road use. I think I paid $5 each. I used them for both low/high beams
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    Buyback Snafu: Dealer Claims Fuel-Injection Pump Damaged By Bad Fuel

    I am not surprised that VW is no longer paying for the lab tests. The billions they lost has decimated any "good will" gestures. I would be interested in the specific procedure of obtaining the fuel sample. As a former Building Technician, we had to periodically obtain diesel fuel samples...
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    Dead battery advice

    If it was me I would try to locate a used battery that could pass a load test. Basically you need a battery to last a few days until buyback. If I could not find a good used one I would think any inexpensive battery that would physically fit in the battery space should do the job for at least a...
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    real world mpg after the fix

    When our Jetta was new, I used to get avg readouts at times , on somewhat level roads, going down the GSP , reaching over 50 mpg. Then when in for the free maintenance dealer visits, I found out that they also performed Ecu updates. After that was done I never saw the 50's ever again.
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    What's the Chance of Seeing 2019 TDIs in a Year?

    I heard Toyota has made a statement about going to all electric by a certain year. I think more companies will be making the shift towards electric soon. I read in certain European cities, Diesel engines are forbidden, or will be soon. As the years go by, stricter emissions make it highly...