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    What did you pay for your 'fixed' CPO TDi

    Bought a 2011 Wagon in blue metallic and cornsilk, w pano roof, 6M, nav, for $8,400. 63,000 miles. Not a perfect car, no car fax but evidence of a nose repair... Perhaps a non-reported fender bender, but, I thought it was priced right at the time. Coulda-shoulda held out, but it was "just...
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    Opinions on buying B5 Sportwagon with bad auto trans.

    I agree, and those numbers are about right. I have about 9k into mine, including a parts car that will give me interior and a hood. I do love mine but have run into "project fatigue". What's left for me? Body, Interior, Audio... My personal Garage is full of other projects, so I can't find...
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    fix or crush

    I have a perfect parts car, light metallic green, but I'm keeping the hood. In in CT., so, it would cost you more to get the parts to TX than they are worth. But like Smitty198 is asking... is it worth it? I'd say it is, but you know the car. There have got to be perfect donor cars out there...
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    BEWARE! Text message scammers!

    I have a car listed here and also on my local Craigslist. I made the mistake of putting my cell phone number on the posting. I have not sold a car in a while so I've been out of the scammer-loop. I got an almost immediate text response from an anonymous person in Akron Ohio who would "buy the...
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    2004 Passat wagon 5spd stage3 in CT

    For sale, $5000.00 or best reasonable offer... I know I won’t get back the money I have in this car, but I’m fair and it needs to go...regretfully I need to move on from this project. This car runs great, looks like... well, not so great. Need minor body work and paint, interior needs...
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    2005 Passat Wagon, 5spd, BSD, Stage2, etc

    Well I hate to put this great car up for sale but for a number of personal reasons, retiring and down-sizing being one of them, my project Passat Wagon is on the block. The car is the Dark Green with Tan interior, sunroof. Just passing 200,000k. This car is almost complete. All the mechanical...
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    Balance Shaft Upgrade Shops

    I have also had Mike from 413 Auto do quite a bit of work for me, a major project that included a BSD and Manual Tranny swap (parts from Frans at Dutch who was great), suspension work, ECU Malone tuning, and general maintenance on our Golf, Bora and F350 PowerStroke. He does excellent work for...
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    WTB - POWER SEATS, 5.5 Passat

    I have found a set in a parts car. No longer looking for them.
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    Are there any QUALITY STARTERS out there anymore?

    OK, well thanks for all the advice and opinions. I'll stay away from the total crap and take it from here, sticking with Valeo or Bosch.
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    Are there any QUALITY STARTERS out there anymore?

    OK, my B5 Passat 5-spd build car likely needs a starter, and many I talk to are concerned that re-builds these days are junk. Some even say the VW parts ones are crap too, all built in China. Does anyone have any good leads on QUALITY rebuilds? There used to be a family run...
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    FOR SALE: M&R SPRINGS, B5 Passat wagon.

    H&R. Typo in the Title, can't edit it. Dang. These are really nice springs, they lower the car about 3/4", perhaps as much as an inch. They create a very taught suspension that is great for good road surfaces and are just fun as all heck to drive. I was riding...
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    WTB - POWER SEATS, 5.5 Passat

    I need B5 seats to finish my build, want tan ones if possible, decent shape preferred though I will be recovering them, but don't want them too beat. If you know of such, or are parting out a hi-optioned car, let me know. Thanks in advance!
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    2005 Passat Wagon. Cali car. Zero rust

    Nice! 5-spd swap candidate... Wow, this is a very nice example of the breed indeed. A perfect candidate for a manual swap. I know you say you've serviced the trans and such but at this mileage, a manual swap would make this a perfect car.
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    B5 w/245K head rebuilt..?signs of Balance shaft work? major concerns?

    Lots to beware of here... ...unless you are getting it really cheap... like, 2-300 bucks. The Transmissions are really expensive to repair/replace, ($$$) making this car a perfect candidate for a manual swap. ($$) the head job likely came with a cam but not always, cams are a weak point ($)...
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    2004 Passat TDI Wagon build - Manual swap, tune...

    And whats up with the crank issue? Length of shaft/pilot bearing issue? I've read posts about machining bushings and whatnot... is there no "cheap and dirty" way to just drop a six speed in?