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    Multiple VW Jetta A5 TDI Tools/Products for Sale

    Sold my car. Cleaning out the products I no longer need. All prices are firm and INCLUDE shipping. I can provide pictures of all items to your email or text if you wish. PM me your phone number if you wish to talk live. Metalnerd Alternator Pulley Bit Set: $25 LubroMoly Diesel High Tech...
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    VW Jetta Bentley Service Manual

    plz delete
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    A5 Jetta Turbo Clicking

    Folks, Need some guidance. I've done research but have yet to find this specific issue. Background: 2005.5 Jetta 164K miles, did the egr cooler delete about a year ago and literally just did timing belt/Cam and Malone Stage 2 about 75 miles ago. Since I put it back on the road I've had an...
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    Oklahoma people!

    Folks, im in Claremore. Just did a timing belt, cam and tune on my 05.5. Ive got an intermittant hard start now, which doesnt make sense. Does anyone in the tulsa area have a vagcom?
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    what is the name of this part?

    You can replace it with a new one $$$$$. Or you can do an EGR delete, which is what I did, for about $1 in metal and some elbow grease. Do a search for EGR on the board and you'll get the instructions.
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    Dealing with BeachedBora....

    Very satisfied I've purchased three times from Aaron. All have been very positive! I highly recommend his services.:D
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    Coolant line Removal

    Bingo!!!!!!! :D :D :D Those bad boys are one tight fit!!!!
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    Coolant line Removal

    I blew one of the heater core lines that goes to the back of my 05.5 Jetta 5SPD BRM. I thought I'd be able to use a standard heater hose to reconnect it but the angles are too severe. Thus I will replace both of the hoses and the connectors. The challenge I have is removing the connectors at the...
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    911 Broke Down Coolant Leak Need Help!!

    Thanks guys! I ended up having it towed to a guys shop. He let me pull it over his pit and work on it. There was a perforation right at the nipple, on the heater hose that Oil Hammer referenced. I was able to get it fixed good enough by pulling the hose, cutting off the bad tubing...
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    911 Broke Down Coolant Leak Need Help!!

    I'm broke down on the highway, 400 miles from home, with a coolant leak. I have an 05.5 Jetta TDI. The coolant leak is coming from, as near I can tell, the back side of the motor. I don't have my manual. Is there a coolant input in the back side the motor that could have come loose?
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    TDI Pumpe Duse PD Cam Bearing Oiling and Related Wear (eddif)

    I'm planning on opening my valve cover to check mine this weekend. Ive got 114000 miles on mine and guess it's worth the few minutes to see if I'm good to go. I'd like to mic out my cam. So that I can tell how much I have lost, what are the measurments on a new one?
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    When mine went South it did so in one grand failure. I was driving, took a corner, downshifted to a whopping 2500RPM and when I let the clutch out it sounded like someone was taking a hammer to the US drivers side foot well. The hammer sound changed with the RPM. When I took my DMF off I was...
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    Please Help! Rear Main Seal Replacement Tonight

    A5INKY, Keep us in the loop on your progress. I just got done doing my SMF and too felt like a Lone Ranger when I found out that the used A5 I bought had an A4 tranny in it!!! Ugh, what a nightmare, but none the less it all worked out. You should be able to get your money back out of that...
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    FlyWheel replacement. Need help

    I just did my 5spd 05.5 TDI with a single mass flywheel from Bleached Bora. I'm happy with the results. If you do it yourself, I'd recommend pulling the front left driveshaft before you drop the transmission. It makes removal and install 1000X easier.
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    Transmission Mount Bolts

    In a previous thread I mention that I bought an A5 Jetta TDI 5spd used and just had the DMF let go. As I'm tearing down the engine to get the transmission out I found out that the original transmission was replaced with one from an A4. The transmssion had worked great, but there were definte...