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    I'm gonna lose it the next time I hear about...

    Re: I\'m gonna lose it the next time I hear about... I think what Meister is trying to say is that ya'lls a bunch of whiney assclowns that need to be ****** slapped with a gasser as your only mode of haulin' ass for a few months. Then you can appreciate the diesel again... With that said...
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    3 NAIAS Jetta V pics

    Just snapped these.. thought you might enjoy..
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    0-60 in 4 seconds AND 150-200 MPG!

    I trump your magical tranny with my Flux Capacitor.. 0-60 in -4 seconds.. thats right.. BACK IN TIME BABY.... You'll get there before you left and have more fuel in your tank then you started out with....
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    Wired & Wireless NET access @ Starwood

    Whats a bunch of GEEKS!!!!
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    Wired & Wireless NET access @ Starwood

    "Starwood Hotels & Resorts and IntelR Centrino(TM) mobile technology are making wireless connections easier for you on the road. Starwood has numerous locations with wired and wireless Starwood Turbo Net High Speed Internet access to keep you in touch and keep you connected. Make the most of...
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    vag-com help

    Can't help ya.. but hey, hows about a bunny with a pancake on its head... /* mmmm thats the stuff.....
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    Augsut 28 - "Social"GTG / bbq / bonfire

    Augsut 28 - \"Social\"GTG / bbq / bonfire Its the old school parts swap at KC Commons.. I might be late.. man.. owning 2 MarkII's means I gotta go hunting for buckets of parts..... mmmm. .MarkII DigiII unreliable goodness...
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    My new clutch...

    Are you referring to the noise.. i.e., you step on the clutch at idle and it goes away?.. If so, this is the result of a solid F-wheel which doesnt have the dampening properties of the DMF... The other chatter I get is when feathering the throttle around very low speed movments (i.e. parking...
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    Going from 35mm offset to 38mm

    I run a Miglia Spyders with a 37 offset.. 17" wheel,, FK coils down 2.1" and I have no rubbing issues... My 2 cents
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    suspension/injector questions

    Look mang.. It simple, some of the weenies around here like to bash on anyone wanting to hook up a nice set of wheels. Half of them run their stock 15" wheels and thats all well and good for these lads but you know what, if you wanna roll and look good then heck, loosing a MPG or two aint gonna...
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    GTG Toronto GTA for August

    So right Vik.. the guy behind me got a new rubberized hood ornament.. Big rig textured Euro bumper!? He got rubberninated... Thanks to the family that held this event.. beautifull place and great people..
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    London GTG pics. (56K. grab a beer, pretzels, etc)

    Thanks guys.. all pics are highres if you need one.. bah.. most of the black buffed out.. screws holding on the lower lip... feel like I own a mkII.. oh wait.. I own two... pass the beer and the zip ties mom BIG THUMBS UP to .JE who pulled over even though he wasn't...
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    GTG Toronto GTA for August

    POSSSSTT WHOOORRRIIIIN... Big props to Tax for the software.. so far so good. .when I get my bumper back on I will evaluate further.. holding 18PSI tight at WOT..
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    GTG Toronto GTA for August

    All RED golfs are za bomb.. when not eating truck tires like me... It was nice meeting you guys and have a great trip out west.. been years since I hit BC so enjoy the mountains for me..
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    London GTG pics. (56K. grab a beer, pretzels, etc)

    On the way home from the GTG I got P0Wn3D by a !%@@#^ truck tire on the road. Busted up lip, broke clips, farked inner wheel well liner.. and BUSTED BORA PAINTED SPENT GOOD MONEY ON THE DAMN THINGS VENTS... A highway is not a place to remove a tire people, we got perfectly good shops for that...