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    2011 Audi A4 B8 - ALH TDI Conversion

    This car was intended to serve one purpose. A reliable , AWD commuter, that maintains excellent fuel economy. Living at a higher elevation with snow and leaving early for work before the plows come means our 2000 Jetta TDI is not the right tool for the job. (Abandoning it at the bottom of the...
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    Need help analyzing my overheating issue

    Hurry up and fix it dammit!
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    2002 Audi Allroad ALH Conversion

    Bump Anyone know how the rest of this project went?
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    VNT17 vs S7v2

    Anyone know any specs on the s7? Safe boost limits? , similar to the vnt17 I take it?
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    wtb: newsouth diesel gauges

    Its a long shot, Looking for a set of the indigo gauges (boost and pyro) with the dual column pod. Thanks guys!
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    VW OEM Solar Panel

    The one I have plugs into the obd2 port.
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    WTB: Mk4 Jetta Headlights, Cheap, Any condition

    I have a set I can sell you, not broken, just took them out the day before yesterday. Not sure how much shipping is from sumas Washington tho.
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    WTB: Set of cupholders in good condition MK4 dash

    Looking for a good set of cupholders for my mk 4. Shipped to 98295 Thanks
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    WTB: Diesel Power Digi Z Tuning Box ALH mk4

    Still searching, might be interested in a tpc also.
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    Meetings in Vancouver, BC

    I'm game. In the Fraser Valley myself. Does a Timmies work ? Or what were you thinking?