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    06 vs 09

    Yup DEZ
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    VW 6speed gearbox

    WOW This is one OLD thread. Those were the days...
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    Official US TDI prices/options

    Lokey vs Reeves After the very amusing post about Lokey VW in Tampa, I just have to say they're in a field of their own. Reeve's VW, also in Tampa, is selling for MSRP plus 289.00 Dealer Fee. I placed my order with Shaun in the Internet Sales Department. Regards, DEZ
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    What did you do to your car today?

    Sold I sold it. The buyer and I agreed on price and delivery in October when my recently ordered replacement becomes available. Regards, DEZ
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    Tried to order '09, conflicting info from dealer

    Try to order somewhere else "Tried to order '09, conflicting info from dealer" I emailed four VW dealers with specs of my choosing. Talked with all four on the phone, then went to the one with the best price and best replies to my answers. Ordered the car as I chose. I think it's time to...
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    If you ordered your 2009, list here

    Sedan in Reflex Silver, Art Gray interior, manual shift, Avignon 17" wheels and complimentary mud flaps. MSRP plus 389 admin. Original edition is a 2000 GLS in Reflex Silver, black leather interior, manual transmission, sun roof, 16" wheels, and CD changer in the trunk. Has 79K miles and...
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    Ordered my '09 today ?interesting info on white

    Congratulations on your purchase. Today I ordered a 2009 also. Reflex Silver with the Art Gray interior and a manual transmission. My only options are a set of 17" Avignon wheels and four mud flaps. (The mudflaps are complimentary) This will be my second TDI. The original edition is a...
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    Towing TDI with Motorhome?

    email me offline for more info on this subject.
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    Need Side Markers

    The side markers on my 2000 Jetta have a yellow hue. I'm looking for a good source for clear side markers, and would like to upgrade to a newer style or LED. Any suggestions for a good source?
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    Needed: real-world towing with A4 >1000 miles

    My questions are: 1. what should I be aware of: a. oil I used Delvac 1, same as always. b. coolant No problems there for me. c. tires Just made sure they were inflated properly. d. brakes Gave myself extra space to stop, and I was using OEM brake pads. They wore more quickly on the...
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    South Florida Sunshine GTG

    [ QUOTE ] Hey dude! Long time since we talked! sounds like she's runnin great. Hows the generator doing? Good to hear all is better with your son.. [/ QUOTE ] The Honda powered Generator is running great. I've received numerous complements on the clean installation. It runs both AC's at...
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    South Florida Sunshine GTG

    Sorry, I can't make the 20th. I've got to take Evan to the airport in Tampa. I'll miss ya.
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    South Florida Sunshine GTG

    It's been a while. I've been pursuing another hobby ... Our 1978 Classic GMC Motorhome Edith II . We've put on 14,000 miles in a year, not much for a TDI at 50 MPG, but for a motorhome that gets 9 MPG, it's quite a bit of traveling. This summer we flew out to Arizona for a couple weeks, then...
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    Beauty & Da BEAST!

    Re: Beauty & Da BEAST! SP, I emailed you at the university and the mail bounced. Please email me at . I'd like to give you an update on what's happening here.
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    South Florida Sunshine GTG

    Keep me posted on a date and place. I'd like to make a local GTG. Probably bring the GMC motorhome. Might even bring the "Diesel Pusher" on Blue Ox tow bar. I'm in Lakeland.