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    Mk4 tdi wagon snowmobile

    My 04 Wagon was almost as easy to drive as any of my 4x4 Jeeps in the snow. Several years ago, I commuted up I-25 for 65 miles during a blizzard which closed I-25...the TDI wagon performed flawlessly as I passed dozens of vehicles ditched on the side of the highway. I'm fortunate the on-ramp...
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    Block Heater? is a link for a do-it-yourself install on a 1500 watt zerostart heater. is one source for this heater but if you are lucky, you can find one...
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    Jeep Grand Cherokee possible buy?

    They are a solid buy provided only if the following was done to them 1. Upgraded intake hose that connects to the turbo. The old one leaks blowby oil onto the swirl motor causing the swirl motor to eventually fail. Its a very $$$$$$$$ and timing consuming job to do right. 2. Provent...
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    Which oil extractor? I had a Pela, hated it since the pump required you to hold it in place while it pumped (press fit on) I then got a Jabsco. It was a waste of money and never worked well out of the box. It had numerous vaccuum leaks...
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    02 TDI Wagon has 7mm allen key plug as oil plug that wont budge....suggestions?

    Here is what I'd do if I were in your situation which I was in with a diesel liberty that has a stock hex head oil drain bolt. 1. Heat bolt with a torque. get area nice and hot and them squirt a liberal amount of penetrating oil onto the area. 2. Remove the oil plug using a hex head on an...
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    going rate for a PD timming belt job

    anywhere from 500-1000 dollars not including the cost for a new engine if you take it to an indi or dealership.....find a local TDI guru.
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    Chip for 2007 E320 CDI Bluetech?

    this is all you need....on another forum, a member was very happy with his immotion tune for his 3.0l mercedes benz powered jeep grand cherokee. when i start towing with my crd grand cherokee, i intend to gt the stage 2 tune.
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    Additional Lubricity

    2-5% biodiesel would get it at desired lubricity level and if you can't do that, do what I do on my 06 diesel, I add about 8 oz of low ash 2 stroke oil to each tank with 3-4 oz of diesel kleen.
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    TDI at altitude

    On an 06 PD, at 10,000 feet to ~14,200 feet asl, I noticed very bad lag from the turbo starting out from a stop which was a little troublesome with the notorious VW clutch engagement. Once turbo was spooled up, it did just fine at the higher altitudes.
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    A Sincere Thank You to Everyone

    Yep, its a great forum that I read almost daily even though I sold my last TDI 3 years ago.
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    Mercedes R320 CDI remap ?

    Plenty of folks have the immotion tune on their 3.0 liter Mercedes Benz in the 07 and 08 Jeep Grand Cherokees and swear them. This is what I will get one day for the wife's 3.0L MB engine in her Jeep GC 372
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    Escort diesel 68-hwy 45-city epa

    I'm glad they stopped making cars with that interior color
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    My frostheater findings regarding length of time.

    I had a1500 watt zerostart heater installled in my last TDI (an 06) and on hours of use gave me instant heat that stayed hot as I drove off. I'm sure the current owne of this vehicle is still using the heater.
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    School Me On VW TDI !!

    VW and reliability should never be used in the same sentence or even paragraph. Pappy, you would be wise to avoid a newer TDI. They are not made to tolerate the poor lubricity of the fuel here and their emission system is too complicated for the average knuckledragger at the VW dealership shop...
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    2005 Passat Diesel

    HAHAHHAAH, then don't get a VW, especially one of those new fangled ones with all of this EPA mandated emissions crap.