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    VCDS operation on Swapped cars

    Good Morning TDI club. Working on my swapped Comanche lately (yes, it used to be John Js before he passed.) My q0uestion is weather or not the AHU stores vin data on VCDS? I emailed Ross-Tech but their reply didn't give me much confidence before spending $230 on their software that may or may...
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    Requiescat in Pace, John Jackson

    It was an amazing feeling to read all of your kind words, and a friendly reminder to me of how wholesome my grandpa was. I joined because i acquired one of his projects (1986 Jeep Comanche with an AHU) and want to find some knowledge on the boards. thank you guys.
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    1986 diesel Jeep Comanche TDI conversion

    Windex, yes his wagon was awesome, I recall as a younger child going on 2 or 3 road trips in it. I am certain he has not had it for sometime, I will poke around and see if it is around still. TDIMeister, Thank you for the warm welcome. I am very excited to learn in depth about this TDI as i am...
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    1986 diesel Jeep Comanche TDI conversion

    Grandpas TDI Comanche Hi everyone, My name is Dominic and i am the grandson mentioned in post #100. Recently we lost Grandpa and i now have possession of the Comanche. It was very refreshing to find this forum and this specific thread. There was a lot of unknown information regarding the TDI...