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    1998 Jetta TDI $3000 KC area

    I am selling my 1998 Jetta Mk III AHU. Below is the CL ad:
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    2004 Passat 5 speed manual Malone stage 2 $3500 Kansas City

    I am selling my last 2 TDI's, we shifted to BMW at my house. The first one I am listing is my 2004 B5.5 with DUK 5 speed manual conversion, Malone Stage 2 tune, and balance shaft delete. My daughter drove this while away in college. This is not the finest example of a B5.5 but has been...
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    2005 Passat TDI 5 speed manual geared bam Kansas City $6500.00

    The title should say geared BSM sorry I didn't catch it before posting - darn auto correct. I am putting my 05 B5.5 TDI 5 speed manual up for sale. I updated the balance shaft to geared and replaced the timing belt at 138k miles. The car currently has shy of 184k miles. When the ZF auto...
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    Kansas City 2003 Sprinter Cargo with Waltco Lift $6500

    I am going to post my Sprinter T1N 140" wheelbase cargo van for sale soon on Ebay and Craigslist unless there is interest here first. I know this is not a VW TDI but its still a diesel so I thought someone here may be interested. It was purchased new by the company I work for (my day job) and...
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    B5.5 BHW complete engine for sale Kansas City area

    I bought a 2004 Passat TDI in Indiana earlier this year that had the hood fly up at highway speed and crushed the hood/roof/windshield. I pulled the engine, sold the trans and crushed the car. The previous owner (rolotomassi44 user here) told me that the car had a recent Frank06 cam, geared...
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    Anyone in need of a good BHW?

    I sold the trans out of my totaled B5.5 tdi and will be pulling the engine and crushing the rest of the car. The interior got moldy because of water infiltration from the crushed windshield and I really don't have time to part out the car except for the engine. The engine, according to the...
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    2004 Passat Wagon 5 speed manual stage 2 tune Kansas City

    Sold . The car has been sold. Thanks for all the interest
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    For Sale 2 BHW TCM's left over from my personal conversions

    I have 2 each 2004 Passat BHW/GMR transmission computers left over from 2 of my own cars that I swapped. Both cars were running and driving before the swap, my wagon had a 5-4 clunk and my sedan had a bad converter with P0740 code. Both computers were dry and fully functional when removed. I...
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    5 Speed conversion went very well until...

    I started my first B5.5 5 speed manual conversion yesterday at 8 am. Everything went very smooth (almost too smooth...) until the mechanicals were wrapped up at about 6 pm. When it was time to bleed the clutch, I had difficulty with the pedal sticking to the floor and lots of air kept coming...