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    Error Service message

    My apologies if I wasn’t clear. There is an active recall on this problem but there is no part available yet. I was told by the dealer that Volkswagen expects the part to be available in mid December. They printed off the code and the recall that the vehicle was under, but I have not received...
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    Error Service message

    Found the culprit, well two of them. Took it to the dealer and they scanned it. There were two instances of the gear shift sensor that’s been recalled, and the most recent one was the battery in the remote was going bad. This begs the question why the alert isn’t displaying for more than a second? ?
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    Error Service message

    The message disappeared within two seconds, so did the warning light. I checked the Car section on the infotainment system and no messages.
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    Error Service message

    Last week I was driving on the highway in my 2015 Golf TDI and I heard a loud beep. I looked down at the dashboard and saw the orange triangle with exclamation mark along with a message. I only got as far as error service.... then it disappeared. Any ideas? I don’t have VCDS, would this alert be...
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    suggestions for replacement wiper blades?

    I just replaced my wiper blades and cabin air filter. I think the dealer overlooked these items. Yea, car only had 9,000 miles but it had sat for how many years. I bought them from idParts. Good to be buying from them again.
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    trailer hitch install -2015 Golf Hatchback?

    Tow ratings are based largely on emissions.... They can't certify the vehicle for towing if it will exceed the emissions requirements during towing. Tork Lift Centra have nice hitches...
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    Moisture on inside of windshield

    So we figured out where the moisture is coming from. I had it in to the dealer and the plenum drains are fine. However... Both rear doors are leaking water in down near the speakers. They said it's common on the cars that were sitting for an extended period of time on the buybacks. There are...
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    Partial Modification

    Thanks for the info. I wasn't sure what the stickers meant in comparison what the VW website was saying.
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    Partial Modification

    When I picked up my CPO 2015 Golf I specifically asked if Phase 2 had been completed and they assured me that it was. VW's website shows "partial". Does that mean only Phase 1 has been completed?
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    Golf fog light retrofit kit

    My Golf S doesn’t have fog lights and was looking for a kit to do a retrofit. Any recommendations? I did Morimoto retrofit LED fogs on my WRX and they are awesome.
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    Moisture on inside of windshield

    So I installed a new MANN cabin air filter from IDParts, the better one than OEM it looks like. That seemed to cure the smell that comes out. I have checked the spare tire well, no moisture. We haven't had rain here for the past week or so, but this weekend it poured. We drove in the rain on...
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    LED Low beam options

    Where can I find Ed's that I see people referring to?
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    Repaired Q5 or Q7 coming?

    Will there be any Q5 or Q7 TDIs hitting the market that have been fixed? Or did I already miss it? I picked up a 15 Golf TDI last month.
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    What did you pay for your 'fixed' CPO TDi

    I bought a CPO 15 Golf S TDI DSG with 9,000MI last month for $14,000.
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    Moisture on inside of windshield

    Got a question about my new 15 Golf TDI. I’ve noticed sort of a bad smell when the defroster is first turned on when the car starts. Also, there seemed to be a bit of moisture on the inside of the windshield in the morning. It goes away as soon as the defroster starts drying it out. I imagine...