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    WTB TDI for $3-5k Northern CA, NV, UT, Southern ID

    Andrew, oh no! Sad, hope you're ok. What happened?
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    Good East Bay TDI Mechanics?

    Maybe you can make arrangements with Matt, get the tow truck to drop the car off to him, and when your car is ready whenever, take a rideshare service to San Anselmo to pick it up?
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    Good East Bay TDI Mechanics?
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    North Bay Mechanic

    Keep trying with Matt and try emailing him too. You should support Matt since he's a member here and very supportive of the club and it's members. Or have Greg have Matt call you. Your choice but my purpose was to have you use the services of Matt and not Greg, who is not a member here...
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    North Bay Mechanic
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    I miss the ol'e days

    Don't forget the Upsolute turbo wars with Oldman, dzljet, Boundless, Davin, AtomicSushi, Rene, etc. Those were pretty epic too...
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    Bay Area Meetups?

    Keep typing, you're great at digging a hole for yourself...
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    Bay Area Meetups?

    Please use the correct term, it's Covid 19, NOT Wuhan...
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    Performance Chip Revamp - Cheap soft tune?

    The post is the only one by Compnird and he hasn't logged on since Oct 19. Doubt he's going to read up on tunes...
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    Best place to get key fobs fixed/made in the east bay?
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    portland/gresham tdi work

    Try Oldpoopie: Pacific Northwest TRUSTED TDIClub mechanic Email me,
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    Malone Stage 0

    I doubt you're going to hear from the OP. The last time he posted was 11/16...:rolleyes:
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    Trusted TDI mechanics within 2-3hrs of Sacramento?

    Second the recommendation for Matt. He's the best and we're very lucky to have him in Norcal. He'll make your car right and ready for another 400k miles....
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    Registering a TX car in CA

    Whoever told you that info is incorrect. Assuming it's a run of the mill 2006 MK 5 TDI, there is no problems registering the car in CA.