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    New California smog checks.......

    I think that the ALH was the cut off for this. Kontrolifornia has the info starting with BEW's if I'm not mistaken.
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    Misc ALH parts

    Do you have a timing belt crank pulley available?
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    CA Smog and Tune

    Following this...
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    Snap On welding helmet

    Description of features link:
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    Snap On welding helmet

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    for sale
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    New California smog checks.......

    Well, since the OP's question still has not been answered, nobody really knows and only time will tell. Being born and raised in the Government Republic of Kontrolifornia, I have to say that I cannot wait to get out! This is just another reason. You would think that with soo many citizen's...
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    Spare MKIV ALH parts- engine, suspension

    I'm good without the cap. I only really need the leash.