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  1. parts 4 sale

    parts 4 sale

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    3 Bolts for the Ball Joint - Thread Locker or Anti Seize?

    You are obsessing over this I have reused those ball joints with no ill effects
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    PD no throttle response at first start

    Oil has nothing to do with it
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    CV boot clamp recommendation (for 5MT ALH)

    Most of the CV joint clamp tools are just junk . The ones that are good are beefy and are the ear type Trying to do while in the car in the outer joint is not going to be successful , you need to pull the axle . I am not sure the grease leaks because of the clamp , you probably have a tear on...
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    Subframe bushings.. Which have you used?

    Clunking in the rear is caused by the rear lower shock bolt being undersized and allowing play where it bolts to the rear axle Lift the rear and use a pry bar to check for play in that spot I also have seen the rear shock mount rubber getting ripped and the shock shaft hitting the chassis
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    Replacement of my Golf TDI

    Add 20% ...better yet pick a 2017 GTI before prices go up
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    Volkswagen agrees to deal with unions to cut 30,000 jobs

    20% tarrif on Mexican made VWs will be the last nail on the VW coffin They better start planning in moving production to US , otherwise adios USA Germans are so short sighted , wait till the eurozone implodes in few years
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    Alternator Issue on BEW, diodes?

    Alternator is one of those parts that is never troubleshot correctly and unnecessarily replaced If voltage is low , replace the regulator ( brushes are worn ) If diodes are dead , you will not get 12V DC
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    Dash lights won't turn off.

    The cigarette lighter had a short ? It is fused and it will blow the fuse It is possible there was a short in the fuse box
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    Porsche macan 3.0 tdi eastern europe

    Bigger turbo and custom mapping ? There is no way in hell you could use all those horses and torque in Greece I grew up there and you will run out of road before you run out of power
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    2002 WV TDI not charging

    What Vince said
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    engine life expectancy

    417K miles on my 04 Golf Drinks about 1 qtr of oil every 5K miles . Rust free thanks to me using cavity wax very often and cleaning the water drains . Car had 2 cams and 2 turbos in its lifetime . Tranny is great , thanks to 80K mile gear oil change Axles are still original , only one boot...
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    PD injector loom O-ring leaking (pic)

    Yep , that's what I did . Clean area well , use the same silicone ( Reinzosil) used on the oil pan Typically , that leak signifies an increase in crankcase pressure as the engine ages
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    Aftermarket cv axles.

    Do the races in the Metelli have signs of heat treatment ?