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    qloader+ eco number mismatch

    qloader+. please delete. issue found hello collective. I've got a qloader. trying to go back to stock tune.i get the "write" denied "ecu numbers mismatch". autopolar can bus device needed turned off
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    third taillight leak

    anyone else had a leak on mk7 top brake light? I had my light and grommet replaced under warranty once all ready.not only is it still leaking but the tech didn't seat the plug fully either and I had to take it out and seat it.hmmmmm
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    rear trunk light upgrade gsw

    looking for an upgrade to actually illuminate the hatch..I really wish there were lights on the bottom of the hatch so when raised you could see what your doing
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    opinions on billet cams

    Is it true that the billet colt cams have solve premature wear issues in the PD? I vaguely remember watching a dark side video where he said they changed the profile on their cam to eliminate wear.was wondering if that's been incorporated into the colt design
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    polar FIS

    so kerma released the polar FIS for the MQB platform mk7.I ordered it and its installed. So far I love the clean factory look. has anyone else taken the plunge?just wanted to talk about function and parameter changes.does anyone have a quikstart guide for button inputs?
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    BHW rod bearing location

    so my crank has been cut .25mm and i have the appropriate oem rod bearings.4 are labeled "sputter" with an aditional shiny coating on the back.bhw rods dont have locating tabs.i assume the "sputter halfs are for the upper rod(piston side)to take additional force.the factory manual notes...
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    gsw third taillight leak

    any have any leaks at the third brake light on the hatch?
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    Rolling radius mk6gti Detroit

    Got a mk7 gsw. Bought a set of 18” Detroit’s from a mk6gti. Has anyone messed around with the calibrations on vcds? I talked to a guy about a “snow tires “ adjustment. Was wondering if it’s possible the calculate the difference and make an adjustment for the cluster Sent from my iPhone using...
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    ALH arp bead bolts $100

    Have An unused set sitting on the shelf Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    convenience options/configuration

    can the automatic window be added with vcds?i think i read somewhere that only the passat got it factory.when i go into my settings .the only thing i have under the open close menu, is door locking
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    egt boost /monitor

    anyone use a small led/lcd guage monitor for monitoring temps and pressures?ive seen some small 2" guages with 2 inputs available.looking for something small and discreet.
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    wtb/wtt 17" or 18" factory rims

    need a set of rims for summer tires.i have multiple bentley manuals for trade as well as an 99 AHU runner complete with harness and ecu.lets make a deal
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    Best adapter dimensions source

    Has anyone had luck with available dimensions for making an adapter plate?there are a lot of photos available when searching. Toyota or ax to bhw Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    scanguage 2

    anyone use a scanguage 2 on their cars?
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    im joining the club!!! im joining the club!!!!

    picking up a 2015 sportwagen dsg tommorrow platinum grey!!had a little scare as i thought all us autos were dsg.I had been looking at erwin info on the variants and it listed like 4 automatic transmissions...But low and behold they are all dsg.had kerma on the phone yesterday and guess what...