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    Fair price for a 2015 GSW 6speed manual?

    I really miss the TDI since I gave mine back to VW 2years ago. Looking at a 2015 Golf Sportwagen TDI S. 28k miles on it - mint condition What would be a fair price from a dealer? CPO thank you
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    TDI withdrawal symptoms :(

    So, last thursday 3/23 I turned in my 2013 Jetta 6speed TDI. It was kind of sad and even though its only been a few days I do miss that car a lot. Even more than a built 2012 Jeep Wrangler I traded in on a Golf R back in mid February. Anyone else going through withdrawal/depression...
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    Got the offer letter but now ambivalent ;(

    Seemed pretty quick - I registered on the portal and submitted my items on Dec. 28th. Just got the offer letter today but now I have this feeling that I should keep the car. I've been looking for replacements since that December day and drove an alltrack, GTI, Subaru Outback 3.6R. The...
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    Possible discount for CR TDI tunes??

    Wondering if its appropriate to ask any of the tuners if they'd be willing to give discount for a 2.0 CR TDI tune? I have a 2013 that still not sure what I'll do with when the time comes. So in the meantime, I was thinking getting a tune done to it and enjoy - especially if discounted. I'm...
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    Kerma Q pro for a CR140 - anyone have?

    I cant seem to find many opinions on this. The few reviews that are out there are great. Im going to be using the $500 goodwill money towards it so I guess it only really will cost me ~$100. I'll decide on it within a day or two and then if I do end up doing it, I'll post up what I think...
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    AST #3428 cam lock bar + lock pin

    cleaning out garage on my day off and came across this. Forgot I even bought it - used once when I had my ALH tdi. can send pics if needed. email me @ I'm not on here regularly. $50 shipped for both items - / bo located in vineland nj 08361 if want to pick up thanks
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    what is maximum load in trunk?

    I didnt see anything in the manual regarding this specifically. Just overall limit placard on door would 517lbs in the trunk be too much? I want to pick up vinyl plank flooring from the warehouse. shipping is $200.. the warehouse is only 45mins from where I work / 1.5hrs from my house so I...
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    Rocketchip stage 1 for a CR140 - anyone have it?

    Trying to get more feedback from anyone that has a stage 1 RC tuned CR140. I'm consider either RC or malone - cant find a whole lot of feedback on the Rocketchip tunes. A few but not as many as Malone. thanks
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    mkvi jetta aux lighting question

    I have a 2013 tdi jetta - its a basic model so normal headlights which are ok but I also have a 2012 jeep wrangler that I put aux led lights onto and it's so much better driving rural/desolate backroads with extra lighting on my commutes. anyway, I want to add lighting to this jetta and...
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    Winter MPG - how much decrease is normal?

    2013 6speed manual Jetta for the past month I've been averaging only ~37mpg (commute is mixed driving, maybe 60-70% highway) Prior to that I would average around 42-43mpg. Best tank I've ever had was around 46mpg (was in September). Is that a normal hit to expect? Sometimes as much as I...
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    18" VW Karthoum wheels - brand new

    18x8, 5x112 ET50 these are brand new still in box. diamond black (hyper silver) looking for $900 shipped
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    sway bars on a mk6 TDI jetta worthwhile?

    I just got a new mk6 jetta and was considering getting front and rear sway bars for it - any opinions on whether or not its worth doing? thanks
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    Thule/VW roof rack for MKIV jetta with 2 bike carriers $75

    Very good condition, base bars and 2 fork mount bike carriers. I think I saw the base bars alone go for almost $200. Base bar is missing one of the caps (where the key goes), mainly aesthetic it doesnt affect anything except lockijng that part of it $75 pickup please in vineland nj 08361
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    01M Automatic Transmission Service Kit w/ Fluid $45 shipped

    *SOLD* I got this for my 2002 jetta tdi automatic a few months ago from idparts for $89 plus shipping but never got around to doing the service. Just sold the jetta yesterday and no longer need this. 01M Automatic Transmission Service Kit w/ Fluid...
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    5 Mann HU726 Oil Filters $20shipped

    *** SOLD ***5 new MANN Oil filters for 1998 and up New Beetle 1999 -2005 Golf / Jetta and 2004- 2005 Passat with TDI motor. Comes with two o rings required for change. MANN part number is HU 726/2X. sold my 2002 jetta and had these sitting in basement. no use for them anymore.