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    Log of quarter mile times

    Little upgrade. Feels like there is still more in it without adding more power :D
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    Log of quarter mile times

    Did little improvement and new PB 12.56. Some improvement is still possible on launch and gear change so 12.4 would be possible without adding more power.
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    G25-660 turbo on 1.9tdi

    Yes of course. Regular garrett turbo. Now days its been discontinued i think. Closest you get is probably something like gtx2967r
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    G25-660 turbo on 1.9tdi

    It started as gtx2863r but turbine side got destroyed after exhaust manifold failure so I ordered gt29 turbine wheel instead. Compared to the stock gtx28 turbine it spooled 300-400rpm earlier. Full power was on around 3000rpm. I was really happy with that turbo. Sure it is 2.5 v6 but since it...
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    G25-660 turbo on 1.9tdi

    I would never put that turbo on tdi, g25-550 would be waay better choice with 0.49ar turbine housing. It is still around 350-400hp wg turbo on tdi, so dont expect very low rpm spool. I had similar sized gtx2963r with 47mm compressor and with upgraded 53.5mm turbine, on 0.64ar iwg housing. It...
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    Nordic porting service

    Don't waste your time over NPS. It is not properly functioning shop.
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    FS: Audi/VW/Skoda 2.5TDI V6 upgrade valve springs (engines BAU,BDG, BDH, BCZ)

    Custom fabricated "stage 1" upgrade valve springs for Audi/VW/Skoda 2.5TDI V6 engines BAU,BDG, BDH, BCZ. Ask for "stage 2" if you really get into the tuning. These are +40% stiffer than stock valve springs. Helps to control valves when tuning car by increasing boost, exhaust pressure and rpms...
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    GTB2365v overboost issue

    To me it looks like vnt control arm is too short and does not reach full open position. Are you sure it reaches maximum position ?
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    WANTED: Bosio race 683 nozzles to fit v6 tdi engines

    I made few extra sets upgraded valvesprings for the newer type head 2.5tdi for sale. If you are interested please pm.
  10. D universal Turbos

    You know turbos are universal
  11. 403hp/650nm


    -balanced BDG bottom end ,mild ported BDG heads -lowered compression (~16) -upgraded valve springs -bigger nozzles (size unknown. probably ~ +90-120%) -stock AKN vp44 -external lift pump (holley billett 150gph) -compound turbosetup, 2*K03-029 + S362SxE. -bigger fmic (600*300*100) -3.5" exhaust
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    Egt gage

    You have to remember that some tuners delete fail safes to get "better" results
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    a6 2.5 tdi ael hard tuning!

    Correct me but I think best solution for the tune AEL is to use edc15/harness out from the t4 transporter 2.5tdi engine and use n75 or use n75 pwm signal for controlling electronic actuator of vnt.
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    How to replace cylinder head bolts?

    boost is quite irrelevate value here. It is more about how much fuel you are pushing, soi and rpm you are doing that.
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    V10 and V12 TDI Conversion

    There is basically only one v12 engine and only cg-iron block. I'd rather would look V8 instead than v10. Not sure if the newest 4.0tdi is nowdays alu-block, probably not. Older ones are all cg-iron.